Saturday, January 26, 2019

What Day Is It Again?

After 45+ years working in law, most of it as a corporate paralegal, I finally retired on December 31, 2018. For those of you not in the know, I now live in a Class B van full time and am traveling, currently in Texas.

But here’s the thing... I’ve only been retired 26 days and I’m already confused on the date and days of the week. Today is Saturday, but I only know that because I looked at my phone several times today to make sure. In fact, I just looked at it again. And it’s the 26th of January, but I didn’t know that without looking. I have completely lost track of the days, and I’ve completely lost track of where I’ve been. To check that I look at a map or The Novel RV Journal I keep daily on Patreon. Seriously, if you ask me what day it is without my phone handy, I’m clueless.

I do know that I have to be out of the campsite I’m currently in on Tuesday morning by 11:30 am. I guess I’d better put a post-it up Monday night. That’s tomorrow, right. Oh, no. Tomorrow is Sunday. I still have 3 nights left in this campground.

When I was working I would often wake up thinking it was Friday, only to discover it was only Thursday. But this is different. Now my days flow one into the other. The weekends are no different than weekdays, except by what is open and what is not, and how heavy traffic might be.

I know a lot of full-time RV’ers who keep a clock with the date hung on a wall where it is handy. I might have to get one of those. If not, in a few months, I might not even know what year it is!

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

In Praise of Jammies

 I have fallen in love with my new jammies. For years my idea of pajamas were cotton night shirts or nightgowns in a t-shirt style, or even t-shirts themselves. I’ve worn these for years. I have never liked pajamas with tops and bottoms, at least not since I was a kid.

I’m currently at the start of my life as a nomadic writer, traveling in a Winnebago Travato. Before I left on my journey, I bought a set of flannel pajamas, just in case it got cold. These are serious jammies, complete with elastic cuffs at the bottom of each leg to keep in the warmth. I stuck them in an overhead bin, thinking I might never need them.


A few days into my journey, my propane tank failed to fill. Since I would be boondocking in the middle of nowhere, there went my heat source. Next my electrical system went haywire, so now I had no heart or electricity.  Out came the flannel james and every blanket I had on board. That night I slept in those flannel jammies, a sweater, heavy socks, and a hoodie. When I got up in the norning, it was 28 degrees inside my van.

Let me repeat that ... 28 degrees INSIDE my van.

I left Quartzsite that morning in search of repairs and ended up back in California, where the electrical issues were fixed by my friend and former owner of the rig.  At least now I could plug in and get heat. And all was well, until my plug in power got touchy with the heating system. Another night of super cold sleeping, although not near as cold as in Quartzsite. Another night of bundling up in those flannel jammies.

They are now my FAVORITE jammies.

I’m thinking I need at least another set!