Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Not That I'm Keeping Track Or Anything

Well, I did it! I gave my law firm my date for retirement. It's January 11, 2019. Just 212 days away!

Holy Crap!

This just got real!

I have 212 days to:

Update my dental work
Get new glasses
Get a passport
Sign up for both Medicare and Social Security
Update websites
Make sure Novella is in tip-top shape
Write my fat ass off and get things ready for publication

I'm in the process of taking care of most of these items, and recently created The Novel RV website and updated the Sue Ann Jaffarian website. Medicare and Social Security will need to wait until I'm closer to retirement, and I'm learning more about Novella all the time and am growing more secure in my ability to take care of my van.

The one thing I really need to focus on is my writing. I've been writing here and there since the beginning of the year, but not nearly at the pace I'm use to writing. Of course, I had to put writing on the back burner a bit while I bought and set up Novella and learned to live in a van. But now I'm back in my writer's groove and ready to produce all kinds of fun things.

Why January 11th?

I can tell you that I didn't pull that date out of a hat. Careful and deliberate planning went into choosing it. Mostly due to finances. You see, I have to be at my job on December 31st to be eligible for pension distributions, not to mention there's the year-end bonus, and I don't turn 66 until the end of December either. So it all works out just fine.

I decided to dribble into the new year for specific reasons also. The last few weeks of the year and first week of the new year can also be extremely busy at my job and I didn't want to leave them in a lurch in case they didn't have my replacement lined up yet.

So When Are New Books Coming Out?

There was also a lot of consideration of when to publish new books. I will be writing like a mad woman and getting new books ready for publication in the next 7 months. After all, I'm mostly an indie author now. But since I am so close to retirement, WHEN to publish them became important because of tax reasons, I will not be releasing new books until 2019, when my personal tax base is much lower.  I will be releasing a new short story soon, but no new novels until 2019.

In addition to the above chores, between now and January 11th, I'll also be taking a couple of camping trips, as Novella and I become better acquainted. So far, we doing great together, and every day I'm sure this was the right decision for me.

Novella and my new office.


Rudi said...

May I suggest an addition to your list? A Senior Pass to the National Parks. Only $20! Here's the website:

Lindsay said...

she's got one! :-)


too cool

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