Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving is Da Bomb!

Growing up, I wasn't that fond of holidays. The idea of holidays, yes, but not the actual getting together stuff. You see, my family fought a lot. When we were kids, Mom and Dad would mix it up pretty good. As we got older, my bother and I were thrown into the mix. Before my mid to late twenties, I honestly can't remember that many enjoyable Thanksgivings, Christmases, Easters, even Fourth of July cookouts, that didn't involve yelling, swearing, and people getting pissed off at each other. Holidays meant drama, and not the good kind. And we were not alone. Holidays seem to bring out the worst in a lot of families. The stress of having a big gathering, perfect food, and pretending to be happy, cracks many foundations several times a year.

I really enjoy holidays now. Some I spend with friends; some I'm prefer to be alone; during some I travel. I even have my own holiday traditions for each.  I keep them simple and as stress-free as possible.  I celebrate them as I wish, and do not allow other people's expectations to interfere.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, hands down. It doesn't matter if I spend it alone or with friends or on a beach or in a mountain cabin. Thanksgiving is da bomb!


1. It takes place in my favorite season - fall.
2. There's no direct religious or political connection.
3. There's no gift-giving, unless you bring a hostess gift when you're a guest.
4. It involves good food - a single hearty meal and, if you're lucky, leftovers.
5. No one is setting off fireworks that scare the crap out of my cat.

Thanksgiving has one purpose: to give thanks.
It's a day of giving thanks for the good things in your life - your family, friends, good health, love, food, and shelter. And it's a day to remember that not everyone has these basic needs.
It's a day of putting greed, differences, and sense of entitlement aside, and being humble in the face of your good fortunes and blessings.

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Susan Courtright said...

Wonderful sentiment. Have a great weekend 😘