Saturday, January 14, 2017

I Take It All Back

I Will Not Be Silenced by Mecronin
On November 16th I wrote a blog titled Trump Is My President. And I meant every word  of it. Every word, even though I had grown to despise Donald Trump and what he stands for, does, has done, and wants to do.

But today, after the last few weeks' revelations, I say to you all:


And no matter how long he occupies the Oval Office, he never will be. Ever. I will NEVER refer to him as "President Trump." Never. Ever.

I was willing to give this oozing infected sore of a human being a chance. I really was. But not now. Not after the reports of just how tight his ties are to Russia. Not after watching him nominate people hell-bent on destroying our government's agencies and our way of life. Not after watching Trump and his power-hungry smug family pick our pockets and make themselves richer, along with their cronies.

No. No. No. A thousand times NO!

I don't know if there is any legal way to stop his inauguration. But if there is, I hope with every cell in my body that it is done. This man has no right to take the highest office in this country, knowing what we know now.

He may have won the election, one way or another, but he hasn't won me, and as long as I still have my right to freedom of speech I will fight this pus pocket. I will march. I will write and call my representatives. I will watch the news and pay close attention. I will do what it takes to fight this travesty.

I may be a fat old woman, but I will not be silent or still.  There's too much at stake.

I'm sure I'm going to get hate posts and e-mails about this blog, but so be it. And if any of you still think Trump is the best choice for this country, just know that I'm going to be marching against you too.


Pam Hopkins said...

I agree 100%, Sue Ann.
You put it so well, thanks.

Debbie Winters said...

Rock on, Sue Ann, rock on!! I'm with you, sister. Going to the Women's March on Washington the 21st!!

Doward Wilson said...

Thanks for saying what so many of us older folks are thinking! I hope we still have a country to live in after the next 4 years.

Amy Williams Dapice said...

Here's a love note, more powerful than ten of the opposite. I agree with every word. He's truly shown his true colors. Not my president.

Marcia Talley said...

I agree 100%. The next year is critical, and it's going to be hard work staying vigilant and resisting every evil that he sends our way. Where to begin? There are so many targets! And so many distracting Tweets. My grandmother hated FDR, refused to call him by name, ever. She'd say That Man.

That Man will never be my president. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Your process took a bit longer than mine, but together we will stand, against a man who would be King. Thank you for your courage and honesty! He is not my President!

Anonymous said...

He's going ruin our relations with foreign allies, hurt those in need of good medical insurance through his plan, he's a narcissist and arrogant. If someone is a government worker and disagrees with any of his new executive orders he boots them out of their job. There goes Freedom of Speech. He already has 55 lawsuits against him and hasn't been in office for 3 weeks. Hopefully he'll get impeached.