Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Spoiled Crazy

Something I learned this past weekend:

You don't really understand how spoiled your cat is until you have to explain your pet's idiosyncrasies to your new cleaning lady.

This past weekend I hired a cleaning lady. She's only coming once a month to do the deep cleaning, but it's still a real treat. I walked her through my large one bedroom apartment and explained what I needed and expected. Along the way, I pointed out B's toys, B's paper pile, B's dishes, and explained B's habits and needs, and how after cleaning, said toys and paper pile had to be placed back where she'd found them.

After the woman left, I realized that B came off like a spoiled little diva and I came off as a dotty cat lady.

Guilty on both counts.

I do spoil B. She's 18 years old, has kitty dementia, and is my only fur baby.

But you don't really realize HOW MUCH you spoil your pets until you explain your pet's routine to a non-pet owning person. Trust me on this.  And it didn't occur to me until several hours after the woman left.

I also had to explain that no matter how often she came to clean my apartment, she would never see B because B is deathly afraid of strangers. But not to worry, I told her, B is real, just as the poop in the box is real, the bag of kibble is real, and the kitty bed is real.

And just in case she still thought I was making it all up, I showed her a photo of B.

Yeah, I'm not crazy, not by a long shot.


Pearl R. Meaker said...

I can relate. I've had people come to feed my cats and scoop the litter boxes when we go on the occasional vacation and usually I come home and they tell me they never saw any of my fur kids - and there are four of them! 😸

moondance120 said...

I understand completely. I usually have family members look after my cats if I go away. Once I hired a service and I'm pretty sure they thought I was nuts. I have a binder with each cat under a different tab. The first page has a picture of the cat along with their likes and dislikes. Then very specific information on feeding(i.e., Oliver eats in the dining room whereas the others eat in the kitchen), litter box care and night time rituals. Funny that they are always booked when I try to hire them.