Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump IS My President

I remember when Barak Obama was first elected. A lot of people went nuts, claiming he wasn't THEIR president.  And for eight years these people, including a lot of Republican politicians, continued with that rant. Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many people who didn't support him are saying the same thing.

I got news for you folks (on both sides): whoever is elected President of this country IS the President. Not just for some of the people, but for ALL of the people, whether you like it or not.

It's no secret that I despise Donald Trump and what he stands for. I am still heartbroken and angry that he was elected, but I am an American and he is the President-elect of my country. Therefore, he will be my President.


That doesn't mean I will sit by idly while he destroys policies I believe in or takes actions I find deplorable.  It means that as an American, I will give respect to the office of President, while I protest and fight back on things I don't believe are good for the country. That's my right and my duty.

If you don't like what's going down in this country, get off your ass and stop ranting and raving on Facebook and Twitter, getting into word wars with other desk jockeys. Put your actions where your mouth is and get involved.  Unfriending someone gets nothing done. Doing something productive and planned might.

  • Run for office or help your candidates get elected in two years, in four years. Campaigns always need volunteers.
  • Support the agencies threatened by donating your time and money.
  • Let your representatives in Washington know how you feel BEFORE they vote.
  • Organize peaceful activities to protest these changes.
I've already joined a group in the writing community organized to do the above, and I'm sure I'll be volunteering for others down the road. I know you're worried, hurt and angry. It takes time to absorb shock. But it's time to push that aside and get involved. Flapping your gums and beating your chest in impotent rage only raises your blood pressure.

Donald Trump is YOUR President, but you do have the power to change that and his dumb ass policies. Not overnight, but it can be done.


Oh, and Mr. Trump, I'm watching you!


Mari said...

You are right. Eventually I will be able to actually look at him and not recoil. Pence? Not so sure. Thank you for saying what needed to be said. :-)

Maggie King said...

Here is a good article about communicating with your reps

What is the author group you mentioned?