Friday, November 04, 2016

My Tribe(s)

Recently I posted a blog about freaders - my word for readers who have become good friends. Now I want to address another bunch of people who have become friends through my books or my writing career - other authors.

A few weeks ago was the annual So. Cal MWA Gumbo Party.  Every year, author Bill Fitzhugh and his wife Kendall open up their lovely home and amazing back yard to our chapter, and Bill cooks up batches and batches of authentic gumbo. There's usually around 100 in attendance. It's hands down my favorite party of the year.

This past year, like all the others, I sat and talked with authors I know well and reconnected with many I hadn't seen in a long time.

I remember when I first started connecting with other authors. It was more than a dozen years ago. I had just completed TOO BIG TO MISS but it wasn't published yet. At a friend's urging, I attended a Sisters In Crime - Los Angeles meeting. I remember it well because the presentation subject was autopsies and decomposition of the human body (with color slides and, no, I didn't get sick). Before and after the meeting was a nice time to chat with others and everyone welcomed me.

I had found my people!

In the following years, I served on the board of SinC/LA and even became its president for four years. And I made lots and lots of other friends. Friends with whom I shared the love of writing and mystery. Friends I still hold dear and many I saw at the gumbo party since the two chapters have considerable overlap.

Well, I'm at it again, making new friends. As I gear up for retirement and my life on the road in an RV, I've connected with a lot of RVers, especially those who already own the specific model RV I have my heart set upon buying - a Winnebago Travato.

At the recent Pomona RV show, I was fortunate enough to meet several of my new friends, including James and Stefany of The Fit RV. I love these folks! Not only are they very cool and entertaining, but their videos on RVs and fitness are super valuable. I'm already doing Stef's resistance exercises for seniors.

I've made a lot of other friends in the RV world, too, mostly through Facebook, and I look forward to meeting many of them in person soon.  I imagine being on the road will have its lonely moments, but by the time I actually hit the road, I'll be part of a very vibrant community of helpful and fun people.

I have found more of my people!

This is true of any interest, not just writing and RVing.  If you want to meet new people, simply seek out those whose interests coincide with yours, or those involved with new interests you want to know more about. There are lots of people out there just waiting to meet you. And I mean nice, stable people, not serial killers or stalkers.  (Sorry, but my murder mystery side just popped out for a moment.)

I'm a loner by nature, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the company of good people or don't seek out new people. I'm kind of an extroverted introvert.  Every new turn I take in life, even at my age, usually brings me new friends, and new friends bring new adventures, and we all need both.

I look forward to many years of finding even more of my people!

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Mark Baker said...

There are lots of tribes out there for sure, and it is a great way to meet people. For example, there's my ultimate Frisbee tribe, my Disney tribe, my mystery loving tribe....