Monday, October 24, 2016

Sorry, Daryl.

I didn't discover The Walking Dead until March of this year. And in spite of my revulsion to all the gore and violence, I hung in there with it, binge watching over several months on the first six seasons.


Because of the great writing and characters.

Somehow I'd gotten through 6 seasons of blood and squishy disgusting sounds and off the chart violence just to learn more about the characters I'd grown to love.

I didn't see the first episode of season 7. And I never will. I had already been having second thoughts about not continuing with this show because as much as I enjoyed it, it was messing with my mind by way of creepy nightmares. But I was still intrigued, so I Googled the season 7 opener the night it aired and learned who was murdered at that hands of Negen.  I also read about how gory and disturbing the deaths were on the screen on both the Net and Facebook.

Enough, my inner voice said. You don't need to see that. You don't need that imprinted on your brain forever. The real world is harsh enough.

Sorry Daryl, Carol, Rick, Michonne, and all the rest of you zombie fighters I've come to know and love, it's time we break up and see other people. 

There's nothing wrong with you. You've got a great show with fantastic writing, acting, and special effects. It's just that we're not a good fit.

It's not you. It's me.

Trust me, it's for the best.


Victoria Howard said...

I watched the first episode, and after the half person in the park was crawling around, I was done. I'm more of a vampire/ True Blood gal, ( NEVER TWILIGHT!) anyway.

Rudi Lee said...

I don't enjoy watching or reading gore. I get terrible nightmares. So I don't watch any of them. I can't even watch Outlander,so GoT or TED would be out of the question. A friend told me I must be an "Empath"because I'm super sensitive to stuff like that.

Doug Pearson said...

I also don't like "blood and gore" but, despite that content in your vampire stories, I did read and enjoy them.

On the other hand, even though the 7 Harry Potter books were excellent, I did get nightmares from reading two of them and, for that reason, have never been able to watch the movies--which I understand are also excellent.

I guess I'm with you: I generally avoid blood and gore but sometimes the story is worth it.