Saturday, October 01, 2016

Instant Love

I have fallen in love with only a few appliances in my life. Very few.

Four years ago I bought a Keurig coffee maker. LOVE

A couple of years ago I purchased a Ninja Kitchen Center. LOVE

I also purchased another appliance that shall remain nameless, but is no less loved.

Both the Keurig and Ninja sit proudly on my kitchen counter and are still going strong and get used almost daily.

Last week I added another appliance to my bevy of beauties - an Instant Pot!

Unlike the Keurig and Ninja, who are both fairly svelte and decked out in glossy red, Pottie, as I like to call her, is rotund and wears basic black and silver . If she thinks it's slimming, she's delusional.

I was warned before I bought her that she was big and bulky and heavy, and may not be a good fit for my future scaled-down life in an RV. All that is true. In the world of kitchen appliances, she is the "big girl" in the room.

But like a lot of us big girls, she can she work it!

I've made three of my favorite vegan dishes in Pottie so far, and she's rocked each and every one. She's easy to use, works quickly and efficiently, and doesn't heat up my kitchen. And she's super easy to clean.  Pottie can make healthy dinners in 15-20 minutes from chopping to serving!


In fact, I'm trying tofu in her this weekend.

As for fitting in the RV, big or not,Pottie is definitely going. So is Ninja. Keurig will probably be left behind. I will find a place to secure Pottie so that she travels safely and is easily accessible. Her size will not be an issue. Unlike a certain nameless politician, big girls are welcome in my home, whether it be fixed or on wheels.


Lisa said...

I love my instant pot too! Are you are up to sharing some of your recipes?

Wendy Lyn Watson, a.k.a. Annie Knox said...

I'm completely intrigued. I, too, would love your recipes. :)