Monday, September 12, 2016

Pate Over Peanut Butter

First female winner of Master Chef Junior and youngest
I grew up with a simple palate, reinforced by simple parents with a taste for simple food and simple cooking skills. We ate things like beans and hotdogs, meatloaf, tuna noodle casserole, and fried chicken. Sundays there was usually a ham or roast of some sort, along with mashed potatoes and whatever canned vegetable my mother didn't find repulsive. To my young taste buds, a fluffer-nutter was high eating.

My food tastes and my cooking talents are far more sophisticated now, but as a kid my cooking rarely went beyond making said fluffer-nutters or heating a can of Campbell's chicken soup.

So when did all these kids start cooking?!

I love watching cooking competition shows, but I especially love the ones featuring kids. Among my favorites are:

Chopped Junior (Teens, etc)
Kids Baking Championship
Master Chef Junior
Rachael and Guy's Kids Cook Off

These kids can not only cook, but often put the adults to shame. And they certain bury me.

Of the above shows, my absolute favorite is Master Chef Junior. These kids have SERIOUS SKILLS in a major way. Not to mention it's fun to watch Gordon Ramsay tone it down and be civil and caring.

But SKILLS, I tell you! The young people featured not only know what foie gras is, but how to cook it.  And some of the competitors are so small they need step stools to reach the counters and stoves. But small in stature does not mean small on cooking talent by any means. They know what flavors to blend, substitutions that work, recipes from memory, and how to wield a knife.

I remember one kid who said his idol was Julia Child. Julia Child? Julia Child died about the time this kid was born.

But kids and competition also mean there are tears. But there are also big cheers, for all of them, even when they are ousted. My favorite winner so far was spunky 9-year-old Addison, who out cooked her competition on season 4. She not only became the first female winner of the show, but the youngest. You go, girl!

Sigh. Guess I'll go back to my slo cooker vegan chili now.


Pearl R. Meaker said...
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Pearl R. Meaker said...

I've never watched any of those shows, but those kids sounds amazing! I still cook like what I grew up with but my son-in-law is a serious cook who's hero is Alton Brown.