Friday, September 16, 2016

Hot Flashes My Post Menopausal Ass!

Okay, guys, fair warning, this post is about hot flashes, so you can stop reading right now if you choose. I won't be offended.

I started going through menopause in my late forties and was done with the nonsense just past fifty. My menopause had its ups and downs but for the most part it wasn't near as bad as most of my friends experienced. I didn't even use any drugs. I told my doctor at the time that I wanted to get through it naturally and she agreed with my wishes, citing that going drug free avoids all the side-effects of the drugs but can be rough.

So drug-free I tackled the big M and got through it without too many horror stories or hot flashes. I must say, these past ten years have been paradise.

Recently though I've had several hot flashes. Yes, THOSE hot flashes. Mostly they've occurred in the middle of the night, leaving me bathed in sweat and my pillow soaked. They don't last long and I feel fine otherwise. I've also had a couple during the day.

So I Googled it... come on, don't we all do that long before we consult our doctor?

It seems some women can and do experience hot flashes into their sixties. (If you're wondering, I'm almost 64.) It's also not a big deal. I have my annual physical in a couple of months and will tell the doctor if they continue. Until then, I'll make sure I keep plenty of water and clean sheets on hand just in case they continue.

But here's the thing ... I'm rather pissed off. I thought this nonsense was over when my menstrual cycle ended. I thought I was finally in the clear, as long as my annual checkups were good and healthy.

 I feel robbed!

I also read that postmenopausal hot flashes, while hormonal in nature, can be triggered by stress, caffeine, and smoking.  Okay, I have two out of three since I'm not a smoker. Another reason to reduce the stress in my life. And that a healthy diet and regular exercise can help diminish and stop them.  Ummm, yeah about that exercise thing, guess I'd better get back on track.

In the end, it seems that stress, too much caffeine, and smoking cause a lot of negative things in our bodies, and eating right and exercise does good things to our bodies.

Where have I heard that before??? 

It sounds so familiar.

Speaking of other hot flashes - my newsletter HOT FLASHES went out in the past few days after a two year hiatus.  You can CLICK HERE to read it. 

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