Friday, July 22, 2016

Clean Up in Aisle Sue Ann

I'm in clean up mode, not my apartment, but my Internet and computer.

Here is my clean-up checklist:

Computer: get rid of all those photos and images I've saved and no longer need. Delete files and manuscript drafts that are out-of-date and unnecessary.

E-mail: Boy, do I have a lot of old e-mails (both in the send and receive folders) that for the life of me I have no idea why I'm saving them.

Newsletters: This is also part of e-mails.  I receive a ton of e-mail announcements and newsletters. Over time it seems that I got put on mailing lists I don't want, or am still on mailing lists that are no longer useful to me, Instead of simply deleting them, it's time to start hitting the unsubscribe button. Lately I've been weeding these out as I get them but now I'm going after them like a heat-seeking missile. It's what prompted me to start my major clean up. One thing that really annoys me is when I do unsubscribe to something and the newsletters keep coming. These are usually connected to sales of some kind. In that case, they get put on the "block" list.

I do subscribe to a lot of helpful newsletters that I'll be keeping. Mostly those are from other writers. As busy as we all get, newsletters from my colleagues are the only way I can keep abreast of what they are doing and what books are coming out. I'm also now subscribing to a few RV newsletters which are helping me toward my future retirement plans.

Facebook: I hate it when people add me to groups on Facebook without my knowledge. (Grrrrr) It's a major pet peeve. I will be cleaning out my groups and events and deleting those I don't want or those I don't use any longer.

The computer has become our virtual home, another place that needs periodic tidying and scrubbing. Another thing for the pesky to do list. But like washing floors and laundry, it must be done.

Cleanliness is just a click away.

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Linda C Smith said...

Funny you should mention this topic of cleaning up online...I, too am doing the same. I differ though in that I made the huge decision to discontinue Facebook. I followed you on Facebook and enjoyed your posts. Originally I joined so that I could keep in contact with far-flung family members. Then, after I published my books, I created Pages for them. But honestly, I have found that FB is just too full of ads and commercials; and people seem to have a habit now of spilling invective - writing negatively without looking before they type. Seems that way. And, like you, I kept finding myself added to groups I did not want to join. So I figured it just wasn't worth the aggravation. FB is a time stealer. I actually find much more value in Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and my website. But, I do miss your updates so am glad you write this blog...I bookmarked it so I won't miss your next update on your books and travel.