Saturday, July 23, 2016

Babbling for Ten Years!

Babble 'n Blog - yes, this Babble 'n Blog - is ten years old this month.

This blog's first post was on July 16, 2006, but I didn't really start writing posts consistently until October of that year when I migrated over to a better platform.

Babble 'n Blog trivia:

1st post: Why Are There Two Versions of Too Big To Miss? posted July 16, 2006.

Post with most comments: Just Say No, posted October 29, 2006. There were 225 comments posted before I shut down comments because of all the hate.

Post with most views: This Weekend: Just Call Me Sid The Sloth, posted April 16, 2010. Although I'm sure most of the 12,000+ views are from people looking for the character from the Ice Age movies. (It pays to tag your blog posts, people!)

Number of posts total:  Counting this post, there have been 791 posts.

Recently a writer friend announced that he believes blogging is dead.  I don't believe that. I think authors blogging only about writing and their books is dead, or at the very least ill. But I think there is still a good place for authors in the blogging world. Readers like knowing about us and our daily lives. But Babble 'n Blog isn't only about my writing career. I talk about everything and anything that catches my fancy, and share my life, ups and downs, pain and joy. 

Several years ago I pulled back on Babble 'n Blog to write on two different group blogs about writing.  I had fun doing it, but after a couple of years, pulled out of those blogs and returned to BnB because readers were asking me to return to my personal blog.

In looking over the post stats from the past 10 years, it was very interesting to see the extraordinary numbers some garnered. Some posts had thousands and thousands of views, but others only a few hundred. And the thing is, older posts are still being found through internet searches. I've received several e-mails over the years from people who started reading my books because my blog popped up in an unrelated Google search. It's free PR that continues to give. And no writer can afford to turn that down!

Ten years - Now that's a helluva lot of babble!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! You are back in the saddle. And, with a reminder to me that I need to clean up my computer, too. ... One of these days. Procrastination, thy name is Doug.

Doug Pearson