Monday, June 06, 2016

Keeping It Moving

So Odelia #11, Rhythm & Clues is done, what shall I do?

 Go to Disneyland.

 Ah, nope. 

 I'll be getting back to my more stable routine of morning exercise and writing before work, instead of the frenzied writing every waking moment when I'm not at work that happens when I'm on deadline.

 But first I will take a few days off from writing to clean my apt (and this time also my car) top to bottom. I mean really deep clean. Every nook and cranny until everything sparkles. I do it after every book, except that I had no time to do it between the last Granny Apples book and this Odelia. Even poor B will be brushed and bathed!

 I also need to start organizing the stuff in my apt to get ready in preparation of hitting the road full-time in an RV when I retire in 2-3 years. I'd love to go in 2 years, if I can.  So I'll be going through everything, giving some away, selling most of it, and keeping the few things that I just can't live without.

 Yes, I know my retirement is in 2-3 years, but experience has taught me that time moves fast, lightening fast, unlike when I was a kid and it crawled. I need to start my downsizing now, even if it means living in a near empty apartment next year.  I figure if I do that, I won't lose sight of my ultimate vision and goal - retiring to live, write, and travel in an RV.  Stay tuned for more posts on that topic as I set my sights and begin implementing my plan.

Done! Out November 2016!
As for the writing, I have so many books waiting to be finished and waiting to be started that it's difficult to know where to begin.  When I return to writing later this week, I'm going to focus on Odelia #12, the last book I have under contract to a publisher AKA the last deadline I'll need to face for now.

 I can't wait!  To be deadline free is indeed freedom and should reduce my stress level considerably.

 The deadline for Odelia 12 is early November 2016. My goal is to have it done and turned it before I go on vacation in mid-October. I've already started it.

 Also on deck is a short story I'm writing for a contest and the 3rd Winnie Wilde novel.

 The next 2 years are going to be exciting in both my writing and my goals.  Stick around!   

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Mark Baker said...

You know, if you want to do more cleaning, I need some serious cleaning and organizing help. Just thought I'd offer. :)