Sunday, April 17, 2016

I Ain't Afraid of No Needle

Typewriter tattoo on  writer Christa Faust
I've decided to get a tattoo.

This is not a sudden decision. I've wanted one for years, at least 15-20 years. I just didn't know what kind of tattoo I wanted. I didn't want something silly or meaningless. No Chinese characters for me. No Winnie the Pooh, or portrait of my cat. I wanted a tat that I could be proud of and inspired by every time I saw it. Something that displayed who I am.

For the past month I've given this a lot of thought and now I know EXACTLY what kind of tattoo I want and where. I then went to friends asking for referrals and looked at dozens of tattoo artists and their work until I found one I believe will do a kick-ass job. His name is Adam Parrot at Rabble Rouser Tattoo, which is very close to where I live.

Hard Case logo on wrist
This is happening sometime in May, after my current WIP is turned in and I have some time to relax.

I won't tell you what kind of tattoo I'm getting, but will say that it will be related to my writing.  However, I won't be throwing my entire body into it like pal Christa Faust. Christa has a vintage typewriter with wings on her belly, amongst other things, and even her publisher's logo on her wrist.

Christa is hard-ass.

I'm more fat ass.

And, no, my first tattoo is NOT going on my ass or anywhere near it.

As Rachel Maddow often says on her news show: 



Kelly Boyer Sagert said...

I got my first two tattoos at the age of 54. And,I love them!

Kelly Boyer Sagert said...
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Debi Murray said...

I am still figuring out what I want. Hopefully I will decide on something before I die.