Friday, March 11, 2016

Mean and Nasty ... The New Normal?

The new normal???
Recently someone said something really nasty and accusatory to me. It made me angry, especially because it was in a supposedly professional setting and I wasn't able to defend myself. When I told a couple of people, the response was dutifully sympathetic, but all shrugged it off with "you know how they are" or "they do that to everyone."


So that makes it okay?

Isn't that how bullies flourish?

Isn't that turning a blind eye to and/or rewarding bad behavior?

And the thing is, this is happening more and more in my daily experiences. Not necessarily always aimed at me, but if not, I certainly witness it a lot more.

Donald Trump spouts uncivilized, hateful attacks almost hourly and it's splashed all over the media, no matter where: TV, Internet, social.  He and his poison are everywhere, but instead of turning away, people are flocking to him. But this isn't about The Donald. He's just a glaring example of how far we've fallen in our responsibility as human beings to be kind and civilized to one another.

Joan Rivers and comedians like her turned personal attacks into entertainment and big bucks.  But what is funny on stage, is not so funny when those attacks become part of  everyday life slung like poisoned arrows or a scatter shot of lethal bullets at everyday people just going about their business.

I've stopped watching certain TV shows because they are just too mean spirited, especially a lot of sitcoms. Yet shows like the Real Wives of [fill in blank], and other shows where people tune in hoping to see snarling cat fights, flourish.

Whatever happened to making the world a better place?  When did that train not only leave the station but derail into a fiery ball of self-hatred that engulfs everyone in its path? Because I truly believe that people who attack others are really in truth attacking the things they hate in themselves, but are too dumb or self-absorbed to realize it.

You know the saying: "If Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy." There's a whole lot of people out there living that dream these days. If they aren't happy, everyone in their path is going down with them.

To that I say 




Because the rest of us just want to get on with our lives 
and make the world a better place if we can.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Mark Baker said...

Amen! I can tell the attitudes of those around me rubs off on me, and I hate it. It's a constant struggle to rise above it, and I know I don't always succeed.

Bobbi Luster said...

I agree with every word you said. While I agree, in general, with a lot of The Donald's observations, I am immediately turned off by his aggressiveness and tendency to shout over anyone expressing even the slightest doubt or questioning his proclamations. Name calling is just a lazy way of trying to shut someone down who doesn't agree with you. It makes the name caller look stupid and, mostly, generates sympathy for the denigrated party. The best way to handle a bully is to stand up to him, no matter how painful, and refuse to be dragged into his assault. Stand up America and lets take back our country and stop being the "ugly Americans" the rest of the world perceives us to be.