Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Love Me Some Trevor!

I'm one of those people who believe change is good. Change is healthy. Change is invigorating. Then Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show and I attired myself in sack cloth and ashes and moaned audibly.

Now, several months into The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, I gotta say,

Damn, that fellow's good!

Really good!

Trevor Noah has brought a freshness to the show. It has a more youthful spin that even my 60+ years appreciates. It's like an old solid house getting new paint and landscaping. My only concern at the beginning was that South African Noah would not be able to present US politics and cultural craziness with the same heart and laser hot sarcasm as an American-born host.

I was wrong.  Dead wrong.

Yes, you heard me. I was wrong. Noah's news stories, whether they be about the presidential race, gun control, racism (who better than a South African to talk about that, huh?), or health care, are point on, and his stories on international news are just as biting.

Although sad to see some of my favorite Daily Show correspondents leave the show along with Stewart, I love the new correspondents who joined the remaining cast. It's a great mix.

Bottom line: Trevor Noah is funny, intelligent, congenial and cute as a button!

I always had the hots for Stewart. Not so much for Noah. You see, he's 30 years my junior. Instead of getting nasty with him, I want to pinch his cheeks and cheer him on like a proud auntie.

You got this, Trevor! 

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