Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's Still A Drought.

In my last post, I ranted and raved about rich celebrities thinking they can do whatever the hell they wanted without the same consequences as us little folk.

Well it seems that Tom Selleck didn't steal the water for his ranch. It finally came out that he paid for it but the tanker illegally transported it from one water district into another. Selleck is reimbursing the water district that sued him over $20,000 for the private investigator they hired after Selleck ignored the numerous cease-and-desist letters they sent him over a two-year period.

See story here.

Guess the only way to get a celebrity's attention is to sue them.

Or run through their house naked while holding a gun.

I'm glad Selleck paid for the water, and clearly the water tanker company is at fault for not understanding (or caring) that the water came from one district and was transported into another, which apparently is a no-no. That might sound ridiculous to some, but water here in California is heavily regulated. You'd think a tanker company would know that.

Still, why did it take Selleck two years and a law suit before he handled the matter? I'm sure he has "people" who handle his mail, but two years is a long time for something to be ignored. So I'm not thinking he's exactly off the hook.

Again, we're in a very bad drought here in California. Tom Selleck can afford to buy extra water for his ranch. He can afford to reimburse the water district over $20,000. What about the commercial food growers who cannot do either? What about the people spending money to tear out lawns and replace them with drought-friendly plants? What about the future of our water?

Sometimes having the money and clout to do something, doesn't mean you should.

As much as I've always liked Tom Selleck as an actor, I'm not going to bend on my original stance against rich people behaving badly.


Mark Baker said...

Bad behavior is still bad behavior. So sad, really.

Leslie Lim said...

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