Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yoda Was Right ...

It was exactly two months ago that I attended Bouchercon, the World Mystery Conference, in Long Beach. When I arrived, I was pretty close to being burned out on my writing career and almost cancelled out of the event. Frankly, I had been feeling like a hamster in a wheel, cranking out book after book after book for many years, without feeling like I was getting ahead.

It's true, I had built up a nice, large following of readers, and a very impressive body of work, but financially there was little evidence of all my hard labor. And while many authors will tell you they don't write for the money, I say bullshit to that. Writing is not a hobby to me. It's a profession. A profession I love and am fairly good at, but still a profession.

After three days of talking to many of my colleagues at Bouchercon, I came away with a renewed spirit and vigor - not to continue my writing career but to CHANGE it!

Once home, I sat down and made a list of the projects I had started and wanted to finish, together with a list of the projects I wanted to continue, including those still under contract. Then I wrote down the most important items - the projects I thought might lift me out of my doldrums and expand my career at the same time. Then I sent my new game plan to my lovely and supportive agent, followed by a 90 minute conference call with her to smooth out the rough edges of my strategy.

The one new project I was determined to do first was to develop a new erotic romance series, which I would self-publish. Two months ago, this was not even on my radar. Today, it's almost a reality.  The manuscript for RUNNING WILDE, the first book in my Winnie Wilde erotic romance series, is done but needs final edits, proofing and formatting. But it's done and has been reviewed very favorably by Beta readers. And yesterday I received the gorgeous cover I commissioned from The Killion Group.  The release is planned for early April.

This morning my friend and colleague, Karen MacInerney, said to me:  "...do you realize you made this dream a reality in about 45 days?"

That's right, I did!
I didn't try to do it, I did it!

You'll notice that the Winnie Wilde books are being written by "Meg Chambers." That's my pen name for books that fall outside my well-known "cozy" or "soft-boiled" brand set by the Odelia Grey and Ghost of Granny Apples series.  If you see me launch a book under the name of Meg Chambers, know that it will contain "adult" themes, scenes, and topics.

Dear gentle readers: Warning!
Meg Chambers books are "R" rated.
Please purchase and read accordingly, or not.
Thank you.

I'm still working a day job. I'm still writing like a crazy, obsessed lunatic. But now I have renewed purpose and focus. More importantly, I have a plan. Only time will tell if this change will also fulfill my desire and need for more tangible rewards.

If you are discontent with something in your life, change your situation. Because only YOU can make that change, and if you look around, there will be a lot of people willing to cheer you on to the finish line.


Alisa said...

Very exciting things happening for you! Can't wait to meet Winnie Wilde and to see all the other things you've been dreaming of come to fruition.

Karen MacInerney said...

So happy for you, Sue Ann… and I know your readers will fall in love with Winnie, just like I did. You're an inspiration, my friend!

Shannon Baker said...

I'm cheering! Go Sue Ann!