Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 - Chapter One

It's the 4th of January 2015, which means it's resolution time again!

 And here is how 2104 ended up:

 1) Make my bed every day - Ummm, I've probably only made my bed half the time!

 2) Balance my check book every month - I have balanced my checkbook every month except for a couple. It's currently balanced. YAY!

 3) Stick to a workout and eating program -  I continue to eat healthier and move a lot more. I wear George the FitBit almost every day and it continues to push me to be more active.  I discovered earlier in the year that I was allergic to dairy. By cutting it out, my skin and a few other things got a lot better. When I backslide, it's not pretty.  I started a blog called The Half-Assed Vegan for folks curious about the plant-based lifestyle or just how to change little things in their eating habits to be healthier. I lost weight this year, but not a ton.

 4) Read at least 30 books in 2014.  I actually read 36 this past year.  And that does not include all the times I've read my own manuscripts over and over before turning them into my publishers.


1) Continue exercise and healthy eating and focus on losing at least 50 lbs in 2015.

2) Read at least 32 books in 2015.

3) And here's the BIGGIE:  Start a new book series which I will self-publish under the pen name of Meg Chambers. The first book in the series, RUNNING WILDE, should be ready for release this summer.  This is along with continuing to keep my current book contract obligations.

You'll notice the bed making and check book balancing didn't make the 2015 list. I've given up on the bed thing and will be happy with 50%. As for the checkbook balancing, I think that's under control.

I got this.
I do.

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