Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Diary of a Deadline - Go Ninja On It!

I've made no secret that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching American Ninja Warrior. Those men and women attack those obstacles like their lives depend on it. Like a swarm of alligators and a band of flying monkeys are both chasing them.

Yes, that's the tip for today.
Tip of the Day:
Attack your WIP and your deadline
like your life depends on it.

Don't be a wimp and whine about your upcoming deadline and how you're not going to meet it and how you're missing out on everything and how you make no money writing and how your publisher, readers, family, reviewers don't appreciate you and how hard you work.

No one wants to hear that shit and it only takes valuable time away from your manuscript and destroys your confidence. 

I don't know about you folks, but I can't write when my head is up my ass.

Instead, focus on that deadline and your current manuscript with all the determination of tiny Kacy Catanzaro muscling her way to become the first woman to qualify for the finals on American Ninja Warrior.  And if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this video that I posted on a previous blog post.

See that face. See that I refuse to give up mind set? See that success? That's the face of a Ninja Warrior. That's the face you should have while muscling your way towards a deadline.

Then again ... there are times you feel like a Ninja wimp.

I'm having one of those times right now. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm paying for it today.

My personal favorite whines that are looping through my head right now:

I'm old
I'm too tired
I want to go back to bed
I got nothing
I'm washed up

I'm staring at my WIP and my head is telling me the clock is ticking, which only adds to the pressure I feel.  I don't mean I have writer's block. I know exactly what's going on the page and it stands ready to gush forth like a broken water main. I just can't seem to make myself punch the keys to put it down on the page.  My mind is wandering and my determination and focus is following it like an abandoned puppy following a kid down the street. It happens to all of us.

Second Tip of the Day:
When you become a loss soul
wandering the writing woods,
don't sit down consigned to die.
Pick your sorry ass up
and fight your way out.

Okay, first throw yourself a pity party. A small one about the length of time it takes a Keurig coffee maker to brew a cup of coffee. Then kick yourself in the ass and get back to it.

I'm old. I'm experienced.
I'm too tired. Then get your ass to bed earlier.
I want to go back to bed. Not an option.
I got nothing. Bullshit, you have more ideas than M&Ms has candy.
I'm washed up. No, you just need a shower and a cup of coffee and you'll feel better.

Take a few hours or even A day to get your head screwed back on, but no more. The longer you dwell on negatives, the stronger they get and the more they beat you down. And that, like going back to bed right now, is not an option.

What would Kacy do?

I've got 26 days to make this book work. And I will do it!

Taking a deep breath.

Putting fingers to the keyboard.

At least I will right after I get that cup of coffee.


Mark Baker said...

I do appreciate the work you put into your books, and I can you can pull it off again.

Kathy Aarons said...

This is awesome! I'm going to post this on the wall by my desk! LOVE your books!