Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bullets and Burgers for Your Little Princess

The simpler days.
This morning, before I even had coffee in hand or had fed my cats, I learned of this tragic story on Facebook: A 9 year old girl shot and killed a shooting instructor with an Uzi.

Huh? Clearly the dust bunnies of sleep were clouding my senses.

I read the story again. Then checked it out on the Internet knowing that sometimes stuff on Facebook cannot be relied upon for accuracy.

Nope. It was true according to several dependable news sources.  Here's CNN's account so you can check it for yourself:

In a nutshell, a little girl on vacation with her parents was learning how to fire an automatic gun at a shooting range not far from Las Vegas. The shoot range is called Bullets and Burgers. (I didn't make that name up although it does sound right out of a novel.) The instructor was teaching her how to properly stand and fire and after a couple of single shots gave her the green light to set it to full automatic.  It was the last thing he ever did.

Apparently, on full auto the gun recoiled in the child's hands and bullets struck the instructor in the head, killing him.

First of all, let me say that while I am not a gun enthusiast, I do believe that stable and screened citizens should have the right to own registered firearms. And I fully believe that if you do own a gun you should be fully trained on how to use it, store it, and care for it.  I do not believe in these fools who make political statements by carrying automatic rifles into public places.

I'm even okay with parents teaching or having someone teach their child how to shoot a rifle. After all, many children grow up in areas where hunting is part of their culture and they learn the proper way to handle a gun at an early age.  According to the story, children 8 and up can shoot at this range with parental approval and supervision.

But a fucking UZI!  At nine years old! Is this child being shipped off to fight in the Israeli army? Are international drug cartels threatening her neighborhood and she's its only hope? Was Disneyland closed?

Proudly recording their little girl's summer fun, the parents got it all on video. That's some spectacular home movie footage! I guarantee no one will be yawning or shooting spit balls during that day's show 'n tell. She'll be a hit in her local elementary school, especially after all the horror of school shootings. Everyone will want to be her emergency buddy, even the teacher. She might even earn a badge if she's in Girl Scouts. She can sell cookies at gun point.

Really, parents?!  A fucking UZI!  I know we want our girls to be strong and fearless and confident, but a FUCKING UZI?!

I can't say FUCKING UZI enough this morning. Really, I can't.

There is so much tragedy here on so many levels:

1) An innocent man lost his life;
2) An innocent child took a life and will have to live with that for the rest of her life;
3) Some parents need a serious reality check, maybe even a lobotomy, and these parents should start saving now for all the therapy that child is going to need. And, yes, in this case, it is the parents' fault.

I know that stun guns come in pink. I wonder if  Uzi's also have a pretty in pink line. Maybe there's a special edition with princess stickers or the Hello Kitty logo. They could call it Hello, Killy.

I'm going to get another cup of coffee now... I need to turn my attention back to the murder mystery I'm writing, which seems like child's play after this. 

Yes, that pun was intended.


Mark Baker said...

I actually had missed that story. Unbelievable! I'm not a fan of guns, but I get gun rights and support it for stable, responsible citizens.

These parents were not responsible. Period. End of discussion.

Jane Fricker said...

I agree, the parents were not acting responsibly by letting their child take shooting lessons using an UZI. However, much as it pains me to write this, the instructor bears some of the responsibility for his own death. How is it that he was willing to put such a lethal weapon in a child's hands? Did he not have the moral courage to tell the parents that an UZI was not an appropriate weapon for a child to use? In fact, I'm not sure that nine years is old enough to be practicing with any kind of firearm. For those children who grow up in families who use weapons for hunting, surely even they would recognize there's a limit to what a child can handle safely. Seems to me this would be a good case for child protective services to get involved, as the parents in this case clearly don't understand what constitutes danger, either to their child or others.

Rudi Lee said...

When my children were young we lived in the country. We kept a single shot 22 rifle for use in killing snakes. No one used it but their dad. The kids never even asked to use it. My daughter was never interested in guns, but my son was and he got a bb gun on his 12th birthday. His dad taught him how to use it. They shot at tin cans out in the pasture. The novelty soon wore off. To this day neither kid (they are now grown and married) owns a gun. I don't have a gun. The old 22 was sold after my husband died and we all moved to the city. There is no reason in Hell a 9 year old child needs to know how to use an Uzi. Those parents should have their children taken away from them. The emotional scarring that child will live with the rest of her life is directly a result of poor parenting. And now that child, that baby, is going to suffer. Forever. Unbelievable.

P.T. said...

I totally agree with you. I doubt I could handle an Uzi on full automatic, much less a 9 year old. There's enough blame for everyone in this tragedy.