Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Too Old For This Shit - NOT!

As many of you know, I started 2014 with the resolution to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan. So far I've been doing okay. Were my efforts being graded, they would receive a solid B, slipping on occasion to a C.

There are lots of reasons for doing this and most of mine are not about weight, even though most of society judges women by the number on the scale, which is pure bull shit.  My reasons are to remain healthy and mobile, especially after having several knee and leg injuries in the past few years, which seem now to be healed thanks to time and exercise. 

But my journey is fraught with enemies. Some say I'm not losing weight fast enough. To them I say, in the words of my mother: MYOB.* 

Then there are those who feel my focus on health and fitness is in conflict with my message in my Odelia Grey books. Somehow, because of those novels, I have become a "fat advocate," whatever that is.

Let me say this out loud and in plain English: I do not advocate fat. I believe people, including myself, should take care of themselves and be responsible for themselves to their abilities, and that it's not too late to start. To me, unhealthy eating and not exercising is in the same category as smoking, taking drugs and being a total couch potato. There are lots of unhealthy, unfit thin people out there. My beef is with a society that believes thin equals healthy. And fat equals unhealthy. Or ugly. Or stupid. Or lazy.  I'm overweight, but I'm healthy, beautiful, smart and far from lazy. Get my drift...

I believe with all my heart that people should be accepted and not judged on their weight, age, religion, race, ethnicity, disabilities, or sexual orientation. We are all human beings on a very arduous road called Life, filled with potholes of pain, loss, challenges and frustration. We're in this together,  folks, so instead of throwing out snarky remarks at people you see struggling to be better, why not toss them helpful words of encouragement.

But in spite of the above, my biggest enemy is ME.  Every now and then I slip into the "I'm too old for this shit," syndrome and slack off.  What does it matter, I tell myself. I'm 61 years old.  I don't need to exercise or watch what I eat because it doesn't matter. I'm using my age as an excuse.

I've heard sixty is the new forty. To that I say, horse pucky! 60 is 60, we're just better preserved than generations before us.

Age has brought a lot of freedom. Society doesn't judge AARP candidates on looks like it does young people. Doors are held open for us. We get offered help with our groceries. We get discounts in restaurants. If we say something outrageous, it gets passed off as eccentricity. If we fart in public, it's excused.

But as a silver-haired sexagenarian, I say no more free passes. No more excuses. There are lots of wonderful exercise programs out there for people of all ages and abilities, even for people in wheelchairs or using walkers. And no one is holding a gun to anyone's head forcing them eat unhealthy things. We're never too old to change or to make the right choices.

You hear that, Sue Ann?!

It's time I take my average and sometimes wobbly B and turn it into an A.

Sorry, Danny, but you and your famous catchphrase have to take a nose dive.

*mind your own business


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