Friday, June 07, 2013

Writing On - Not Sure About The Calm

Over on the Criminal Minds blog this week we're talking about the pros and cons of writers having day jobs.  I have a day job. How does it impact my writing? See for yourself in Obstacle Not Barrier.

And since it bears repeating here's a link to It's All About the Math aka why I seldom do book tours.

For many reasons, the two blog posts go hand-in-hand.

Granny News! I have just completed GHOST OF A GAMBLE, my 4th full-length Ghost of Granny Apples novel. This will be my first full novel with Berkley, Granny's new publisher.  GHOST OF A GAMBLE will be out April 2014.  Penguin/Berkley has already published THE SILENT GHOST, a Granny Apples novella for e-readers.  Another novella, DUMMY OF A GHOST, will be released March 2014.

Odelia News! This coming December Midnight Ink will release SECOND HAND STIFF, my 8th Odelia Grey mystery.  Up after that is MURDER BALL, my 9th Odelia Grey novel, which I'll be throwing myself into starting next week. I already have quite a bit completed and it's turning into an exciting ride for Odelia and Greg. And would you believe I've already started work on Odelia #10. It's true!

Holidays From Hell News!  Finally, the 4th Holidays From Hell digital short story is complete and almost ready for publication. Stay tuned for the formal announcement of the release of ROCKET'S RED GLARE in the next few weeks.  Zelda has a new man in her life and she's seeing stars and rockets, but is it the kind of explosion that signals love?

As you can see, I'm Writing On! I'm still working on the calm part.


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