Friday, March 22, 2013

From the Mail Bag - A Pissed Off Reader

Yesterday in my e-mail I received a note from a reader who told me bluntly that she was never going to read my books again or promote me to other readers as she has done in the past. The reason: she'd gone to her local Barnes and Noble to purchase THE SILENT GHOST, my first Granny Apples novella, and was told by the clerk that it was not in print, that it was for e-readers only. She also assumed that because of this all my future books would also be released only in a digital format.

This is not the first time a reader has been disappointed over this or made that same assumption, but it was the first time a reader told me in so many words that I was on her shit list.

Here's the thing, people:

1) That was my publisher's decision, not mine, so don't drag me behind your pickup truck over a gravel road because of it;

2) THE SILENT GHOST is a novella, only about 100 pages in length, so to produce it in print would not be cost effective (see #1 above);

3) Please do not assume all future books will be digital because of this. My 4th full-length Granny Apples novella will be out in print and in e-book in April 2014.  My next Odelia Grey book will be released in December also in print and in digital.

4) Digital books are here to stay. And I believe print books will always be with us even if they become more difficult to find.  Think records/CDs over digital downloads. I still buy CDs myself.

5) If you don't own an e-reader and want to read an e-book, you can down load a FREE app from either Kindle or Nook to your computer, smart phone, or tablet, so you are not being discriminated against.

6) As for independent authors, many are choosing to go only digital now or to release limited print runs along with their e-books. But these books will also not be found in your local book store. That doesn't mean they are not worth discovering.

7) Generally, authors make more money in digital sales because the quantity sold is much larger. At least I do and I know I'm not alone. My books are now reaching thousands of readers all over the world because of the digital format. So don't beat up an author because she wants to be paid for her hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of hard work.  To do so is (dare I say it?) selfish.

I love books. I also love my Kindle. I buy and read both digital and print books.

Can't we all just get along on this?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Silent Ghost Is Silent No More!

It's here! It's finally here!  THE SILENT GHOST, my first Ghost of Granny Apples novella, is in the house! It was released on March 5th to much online fanfare.  This novella was released in e-book format only, so check it out at your favorite e-book retailer.  It's only $2.99.  What a bargain!

Earlier reader reviews have been fantastic!

Next year at this time, we will have two new Granny treats. In March 2014, another e-book novella will be released.  The working title is DUMMY OF A GHOST, and once again it will focus on Kelly Whitecastle, but this time she will pair with her mother, Emma, to solve the riddle of a ghost inhabiting a smart mouthed puppet.

Currently I'm working on the next next full-length Ghost of Granny Apples novel, the 4th in the series. It will be released in April 2014. It's working title is GHOST OF A GAMBLE. It's really coming along great, although I wish it would come along a little faster. Please!  It's due May 1st and I'm pounding the keyboards as fast as I can to get it done on time, but having the flu a few weeks ago and now a cold is really cutting into my writing time.  But I push on!  In GHOST OF A GAMBLE Granny and Emma go on a road trip to Las Vegas to help Milo Ravenscroft, Emma's friend and mentor, with a sensitive ghost problem involving his fortune telling, former showgirl mother, Dolly. It's going to be a wild ride through Sin City!

And let's not forget Odelia!

Odelia Grey, the feisty plus size paralegal, will be back in her 9th adventure, SECONDHAND STIFF, in December 2013!  When Odelia and her visiting mother, Grace Littlejohn, check out a storage auction, they never dream a body will be up for bid.  SECONDHAND STIFF is already available online for preorder.

And just so you don't think I'm sloughing off, I've already begun work on Odelia's 10th book.  The working title is MURDER BALL.

 So, you see, I've been busy.

Later, gator!