Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Can Hardly Wait!!!

In 10 days - count 'em - 10 days - THE SILENT GHOST will be released by Granny's new publisher Penguin/Berkley. 

THE SILENT GHOST is not a full novel, but a novella. It will also not be offered in print format, but only digitally.

When I contracted with Berkley to continue the Ghost of Granny Apples series with them, there was concern about the gap in time between the last Granny novel, GEM OF A GHOST, and the release of the first Granny book to be published by Berkley.  The solution was to ask me to write a couple of novellas to tide over Granny's eager fans. This is the first of two novellas under contract with Berkley.  The second, still untitled, will be released next March, with the 4th book in the continuing Granny Apples series to follow in April of 2014.  I'm currently working on that 4th book. It has a working title of GHOST OF A GAMBLE.

THE SILENT GHOST is also a departure from the Granny series in another way. Instead of featuring Emma Whitecastle, it features Kelly, her daughter who is a student at Harvard. In GEM OF A GHOST we learned that Kelly can see and hear Granny Apples. But can she see and hear other spirits as well?  Is she her mother's daughter? That question gets answered when a young reporter by the name of Tanisha Costello approaches her. Tanisha knows full well that Kelly is the daughter of a famous TV personality and a famous medium, but she isn't looking for a story, she's looking for help. At first wary, Granny Apples steps in and convinces Kelly that together they can help Tanisha solve her spirited problem.

BTW, GEM OF A GHOST was nominated for a 2012 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award!

You can pre-order THE SILENT GHOST now from your favorite e-book retailer.  And for those of you who do not have e-readers, don't fret, you can still read THE SILENT GHOST by downloading FREE Nook and Kindle apps to your computer, tablets or smartphones. 

And let's not forget Odelia! 

The 8th book in the Odelia Grey mystery series, SECONDHAND STIFF, will be released by Midnight Ink December 2013.  That's right, December. Just in time for holiday shopping!

In SECONDHAND STIFF we find Odelia facing some very personal trials and tribulations when her cantankerous mother, Grace Littlejohn, comes for a visit during the Thanksgiving holiday. Throw in a body found in a storage locker, and Grace's fascination with murder and mayhem, and we find Odelia on the brink of more than her usual insanity.

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