Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Birthday Party Invitation!

One of the things that is very important in character development is back story. Back story is what has happened to a major character before they ever get to an author's page. A great character starts with an author sketching out their personal history: where they were born, family dynamics, schooling, beliefs, physical traits, career history, hobbies, triumphs and tragedies. An author doesn't have to have every detail of the back story in place before a book begins, but at least the basics. Along the way, a good character will reveal more to the author as the book or series continues. 

One of the first things I always do for a main character is set his or her birthday.  Sometimes I use it in a book and sometimes I never mention it. I've referenced Odelia's birthday a few times in books. Curse of the Holy Pail opens on her forty-seventh birthday. In Corpse on the Cob, Odelia has just celebrated her 50th birthday. Birthdays are great time markers in books.

Well, guess what? On August 12, 2012, Odelia turns 54 years old. And you're invited!

I've been kicking around the idea of organizing a no host brunch for my readers in Southern California, and recently thought: Why not now?

It all started when my niece posted a photo of Thin Mint cupcakes in the Sue Ann Jaffarian Fan Club. Seeing that the plus size paralegal sleuth is addicted to Thin Mint cookies, Lindsay thought these would be great for Odelia's birthday. And that got my wheels to turning.  And how convenient that Odelia's birthday falls on a Sunday this year.

When: Sunday, August 12, 2012
Time:  9:30 am
Where:  Spitfire Grill, 3300 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Note:  This will be a no-host brunch (you pay for your own meal). No gifts, please.  Let's simply get together and have some fun celebrating Odelia Grey and what she means to us.

Besides Odelia's birthday, the 7th Odelia Grey book, HIDE AND SNOOP, is about to be released. We can celebrate that, too.

If you are interested in attending Odelia's Birthday Brunch, please let me know so I can tell the restaurant how many to expect.  You can RSVP to  Please put RSVP in the subject line.

How much fun is this gonna be?!

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NoraA said...

Happy Birthday Odelia.. I wish I could attend your party. Unfortunately I'm on the Right Coast and just a bit short in the checking account right now, maybe next year.