Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Posting By Proxy

It’s no secret that many celebrities, politicians, and even authors hire people to compose and send out Twitter and Facebook posts under their name. Not too long ago there was even a case where a well-known person fired the employee who was posting his tweets, but forgot to change his account password after, allowing the ex-employee to continue to send out short messages of an unflattering nature.

From time to time I get asked if that’s really me tweeting and posting to Facebook. Even my manager has been asked if she posts those tidbits on my behalf.

Do you really think I pay someone to post about B’s habit of pooping on the bathroom rug? Or have room in my budget for someone else to post about letting my hair go gray? Or to even share my joy over a newly released book or new contract?

Nope that’s all me, all the time.

I don’t want to throw stones at colleagues who do hire PR people to write and send their posts. For some, it’s a matter of saving time while still connecting with their readers. For others, it’s a distaste for social media in general. But social media posting is my way of connecting personally with readers. Those posts only take a few minutes out of my day and through them I get to know a lot of the good folks who read my books. And there is an additional bonus. Several of those “friends” and “followers” have become real friends over time.

I spend a lot of time alone at the computer. My schedule and budget do not allow for me to do many book events outside the Los Angeles area. So without social media, I’d never be able to get up close and personal with my readers. Using someone else to make that connection would short change me of that pleasure.

By the way, I also answer all of my reader mail personally, though that takes more time.

So, yes, Virginia, there really is a Sue Ann Jaffarian. She lives with two cats named B and Raffi in a 3rd floor apartment without AC on the west side of Los Angeles, and works as a paralegal in a LA law firm.

And she spends 15-30 minutes on average a day on Twitter and Facebook trying to keep in touch with everyone.


Jeri Westerson said...

Would I love to have someone do all that for me? Maybe. It's very time-consuming, but I've really made connections, particularly on Facebook so I'd have to say it's worth it for me to do it myself. And...uh...I certainly don't have the funds to hire anyone.

gregkshipman said...

If it were anyone other than 'you' doing 'you' that would be a clue it's not really 'you'... and with that I'm through (for now!)

Stephanie L. Parker said...

I love the fact that I get to know the REAL Sue Ann! I already love your books, but it just makes me an even bigger fan and helps pass the time between the releases of your new I find it funny that some people actually think that it isn't really you. What are they reading? It seems pretty obvious to me and I love it!