Monday, November 28, 2011

Vacation Hangover

Everyone should see Bodies
Today is Monday, November 28th. I've been off work a week - well only 3 work days since Thanksgiving was included my week off. But today, in about 2 hours, I'll be heading out the door to the office to be a paralegal again. I had a great time this past week, but it went by way too quickly.

Last Monday I took off for Las Vegas to do research for a new Granny Apples mystery and to get a little R&R.  It's a 4-1/2 hr drive from my house and I spent the time going and coming listening to A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.  It's hysterical and the hours flew by.

KA - Took my breath away
I stayed at the Luxor because they were offering a screaming deal, complete with a choice of shows. The Luxor was the only disappointment in the entire trip. I had to move rooms because of a plumbing problem and the service throughout the hotel was inconsistent. Not sure I'd stay there again, unless it was another great deal.  For more money, I'd rather go elsewhere. Although, I did have a terrific time in their spa and took advantage of their massage/facial special.

As I said, my trip was also to do research for a new book. One day I got in my car and traveled throughout the area, taking in the communities around Las Vegas that could be taken for any suburb any where. I also visited the Venetian Hotel (my favorite to hang out at), which will be included in the book, and traversed Las Vegas Blvd. from the strip to downtown looking for sites to place certain scenes.  I found them!

Inside the Atomic Museum

I took in the Atomic Museum (will also be in the book), Bodies Exhibition and Titanic Exhibit (both fabulous).  And what's Vegas without shows?!  I saw Cirque du Soleil's KA and Menopause - the Musical (again, both great).

Thanksgiving night I was back home. The rest of the week, I relaxed, did some housework and wrote and wrote and wrote.  All in all, it was a very successful vacation.

Oh, and while I was gone, my new Kindle Touch arrived!  I'm so excited! I got it all set up and am loving it.  It was my birthday present to myself.

Now it's back to business.

Speaking of business, today I'm up at Criminal Minds talking about the risks I took to be a writer. And there were plenty of them.  Check it out.


Stacia said...

Oh, I hate "plumping problems." LOL

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Thanks for catching that, Stacia. Gawd knows I do have "plumping problems" but this time it was plumbing!

gregkshipman said...

Ahh, the joys of Vegas-ation. Back in the nineties (the ones just passed… not the gay ones) I spent months there while doing clinical trials. I enjoyed it but quickly adopted Henderson as a nesting site. Loved the shows, loved the food, loved the attractions… loved it, loved it, loved it. But the casino hotels?!... Crambo is not my favorite sport… I need enough room to make snow angels. And it took so long for the elevators I’d forget where I intended to go… BUT… this isn’t a bitch session… I still love Vegas, still love your writing, love it, love it, love it…