Saturday, November 12, 2011

Celebrating the 4th in February?

A lot of folks have recently asked if I've stopped writing my Holidays From Hell short stories. It's only natural since the last story, Where's Your Daddy, appeared almost 2 months ago. 

So here's the scoop...

No, I haven't stopped writing my Holidays From Hell short stories.  I have at 5-6 more planned and the next one, Rockets Red Glare, is partially written.

Why the delay? I'm glad you asked!

My short stories are not under contract.  My Odelia books are.  Right now I'm hurtling through the calendar trying to finish up Odelia #7 by the end of the year.  This sounds like a simple thing, right?  But it's not. You see, life gets in the way of all good plans and deadlines. In the past few weeks I've been given a major project at the law firm. One that has demanded at least 10-hr days, every day.  That leaves precious time for writing. I'm still moving forward on Odelia #7, and I'm also reading the proofs for Granny Apples #3, Gem of a Ghost, but Zelda Bowen and her clan will have to celebrate their dysfunctional holidays a little late.

This past Sunday I asked several followers of the Holidays From Hell series if they minded reading about the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving several months after the actual holiday. All assured me they did not. They were more concerned about the series continuing. (YAY!)  I'm hoping that's the general consensus.

I'm not sure when Rockets Red Glare will be finished and released, but it will not happen in 2011.

I also want to thank all of you who have purchased and supported Holidays From Hell.  The three stories continue to sell well on both and  THANK YOU!!!

Once the Holidays From Hell series is complete, I'm going to be writing and publishing another short story e-book series. This one will be completely different and paranormal.  The plan is for it to debut in early summer of 2012.  Or maybe late summer 2012.  Or maybe fall of 2012.  Hard to say, given life gets in the way.

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