Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes We Just Gotta Giggle

I love Anderson Cooper. I watch him on CNN. I follow him on Twitter. Of all the newscasters on TV, he's my true go-to-guy to get the scoop on news at home and around the world.  I especially love following him into the field. He's seen and reported on some of the most horrific and astounding things. I trust him. And that's one of the most basic things a viewer needs to feel when watching a journalist - trust.  Anderson (May I call you Anderson?) is my eyes and ears in places I would and could never go, and don't really want to go in person.

Last night, like many others, I was eating dinner while watching the show 360°.  It was what I expected: news about Rick Perry's run for President, the situation in Libya, etc. Then came a report on people who beat children because they believe God commands it. We're not talking about a little spanking and a time out here, but extensive beatings with objects, often lasting hours.  It made me sick, to say the least. But so does most evening news in general.

Then came the RidicuList - Anderson's end of show editorial about, well, ridiculous news and people. Last night it featured the story about Gérard Depardieu, the French actor who peed on a plane without the privacy of a bathroom. Another disgusting story about celebrity bad behavior and sense of entitlement.

Then came the fun...

Anderson's monologue was studded with both clever and juvenile potty puns.  After an hour of horrible and scary stories, it was a moment of entertainment, even if some of the puns made me and most of America groan.  But good-natured groaning, as we would when a favorite friend treats us to bad jokes at happy hour.  Then something happened. The usually stoic Anderson started falling apart right on camera.

It started with a few smiles and grins, then expanded to chuckles, ending with Anderson captured and hog-tied by the giggle monster.  GIGGLES, I tell ya.  High pitched, contagious and uncontrollable giggles. As the seconds ticked by, he tried to get control of himself, but that ship had sailed. I watched with open mouth as my favorite journalist morphed before my eyes into a giggling girl being tickled at a slumber party.

Considering all the horrible things that man has witnessed in the world - there's nothing wrong with a good, cleansing belly laugh.

Thanks, Anderson, for all that you do and for last night's needed pillow fight. It certainly made my night.

(Note: If you missed it, you can see it here.)

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