Sunday, August 07, 2011

Planning Ahead - With Fingers Crossed

Not this year, but next year I will turn 60.  Yep, 60, if God's willing and the creek don't rise. And I'm making plans for that auspicious day.

My mother died when she was 52 years old, and her early death has always spooked me as I've gotten older. The year I turned 52, I suffered from mild paranoia.  I was sure I was going to kick the bucket 6 months in either direction of my 52nd birthday.  I know. I know. That's silly.  Although Mom wasn't as heavy as I am, she smoked liked a chimney and suffered from emphysema and heart disease. Me, I'm healthy as a middle-aged horse and active.  I also kept pointing out to myself that Dad died just shy of his 80th birthday. So if you average those two ages, I should live until I'm at least 66.  Right? That gives me plenty of time to finish up the 6 books remaining on my Odelia contracts and produce many others. 

So based on my expectations that I will not be kicking the bucket anytime soon, I'm making grand plans now for my 60th birthday on December 21, 2012.

The idea struck me while I was doing a little research for Gem of a Ghost, the 3rd Granny Apples mystery coming out in February 2012.  In that book, I mention Stonehenge.  While reading online information about the ancient landmark, I learned that the Winter Solstice is the biggest day of the year at Stonehenge - a day when Druids, Pagans and Wiccens celebrate big time at the circle of stones, along with curious tourists. 

The Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st - my birthday!

The Wiccens, Pagans and Druids don't know it yet, but they will be throwing me, one of the many curious tourists in attendance, a big 60th birthday party in 2012. That's right, in December 2012 I'm heading to England to PAR-TAY!

But wait, there's more!

Seems 12/21/12 is a big day for the world in general. And while I'd like to think it's because it's my 60th birthday, I'm not that self-centered. Really, I'm not.

December 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar.  Because of that, some believe that specific date will trigger apocalyptic events, a major shift in the earth, or even the end of the world.  December 21, 2012 also marks the date the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years, setting off a major disruption in the earth's energy.

Even Nostradamus is muscling in on my 60th birthday.  Apparently, he prophesied a comet will hit the Earth on that date.

Really, folks, you shouldn't have. A simple cake, a bottle of wine, or even a card from the drug store will do.

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gregkshipman said...

May I leap the year and say Snappy Burfday 2012!... and as an addendum let me be the first-est to say Happy Birthday 2011.

In this world of me-me-me... I find it refreshing that you modestly and humbly brush aside the fact that your sixtieth could be a BIG BANG in this little world. If a comet hits?... that would be one helluvah candle to blow out! Mayan calendar runs out of dates?... big deal… my twin cousins ran out of dates when Skippy and Donut left town… the world didn’t end (although the family did lose the Western Auto discount that Donut provided… bummer!). And as far as winter solstice 2012, I’m betting Wikipedia will likely list your sixtieth ahead of that seasonal puppy…

As the pointy-eared Spock is wont to say… Live long and prosper— and failing that— live long and proper— and failing that— just live long, it works for the giant redwoods!

The Alaskan (by default)