Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Waterboarding, Please!

I'm over at Criminal Minds today chatting about how Madison, Emma and Odelia squeeze information out of people.  Each has their own distinct was of handling people and situations.  Drop on by and say hello.

I'm happy to announce Pull My Paw, the 2nd story in my Holidays From Hell short story series for e-readers, is now up on Amazon.  It's available for just $0.99, so download it today to see how the nutty Bowen family handles Mother's Day festivities. 

Coming soon - Where's Your Daddy? What's a family to do about Father's Day when Dad's gone missing?

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Grayquill said...

I had to drop by to see what kind of a person love collard greens but gaged on sweet tea. And, what do I find? An author...hmmm...I guess it all makes sense now.