Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baited Blood is Seeing Stars - 4-1/2 of Them!

Drum roll please!  Baited Blood, the 2nd book in my Madison Rose Vampire Mysteries is in the house! I received a few copies this week from my publisher, which means the book should be showing up at your favorite online and brick and mortar store in the next week or two.
Dead vampires are being left in the Dedham swimming pool.  And by "dead" I mean really DEAD.  Is someone setting the Dedhams up or sending a message? Madison and her undead pals are eager to get to the bottom of it before they are all exposed or before more vampires fall victim to someone's sick idea of a joke.

Romantic Times Magazine gave Baited Blood 4-1/2 stars!  "This is good, cheeky fun with a solid mystery, loads of possible villains and a genuinely sexy romp on the fang side."

And check out Criminal Minds today where I'm discussing the moral codes of each of my protagonists. Do they have one? Do they need one? Come on by.


ladymarilyn said...

Will there be a Kindle download?

Tashleen said...

I LOVED the first one, so I am very excited to see the 2nd one yay!! But I would also love to have this in ebook format.