Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thin Heart



Watching from the shore of my exile.

I’m told I’m loving.


People say they love me.

Easy words when you have enough.

I starve while others feast.

My body grows fat while my heart grows thin.

I turn my eyes to the void.

It holds out its arms in welcome.

Offering no pretty words of placation.

It understands.


Robin Allen said...

This is beautiful, Sue Ann, and so sad. Sending up prayers for a new reality and happier poems!

gregkshipman said...

Some months ago I wrote to express my joy at finding your books. I've now collected each and every one to date (and read them too...!)

I'm the East Baltimorean trapped in Fairbanks, Alaska by a major research center which pays me well (the bastards!)and thereby keeps me in this desolate outdoorsy paradise (dammit!)

Read your poem (peered deep inside)and wanted to tell you that you should remember this... You Done Brung Me Joy (ebonically speaking). Of all the writers I read (a small boatload) YOU are the one I'd most like to know personally (and you can take that to the bank... but not an investment bank... damn sub-prime mortgages)