Thursday, May 26, 2011

A 20.5 Carat Rambling

St. John's Hospital, Joplin, MO before tornado

It's Thursday and I eagerly await Friday and the beginning of the long weekend.  I may have to work at the law firm sometime during these 3-days off, but won't know until it happens. I have no plans except to write like the wind, so I'll be ready to get the call to go into the office at a moment's notice. We're working on an important deal, so it's to be expected.  It's part of the job and I'm happy to do it.  Really, I am. I'm not just saying that.  The folks at my day job are very nice to me and I love being there and the work I do.  I've been with the firm 5 years in June and look forward to more years in my cluttered office.

This has been a bad week for me as you might have guessed from my earlier post. It's better but still not great. It will be a while before it's back on track. This sometimes happens. Life has its ups and down. If it's going along hunky-dory and always on an even keel - you know, rainbows and puppies, all the time - then you're on sedatives.  Maybe I need sedatives. I was offered them once by a doctor, but turned them down because of the fear they would interfere with my writing. And I really don't want to be thinking about rainbows and puppies 24/7.  Life comes with dark clouds and the occasional bogey men.

St. John's after tornado
 There's a lot going on in the world right now. People in the midwest and parts of the south are having their lives torn asunder by monstrous weather.  Others are being flooded out of their homes. People are dying and have lost loved ones.  Anderson Cooper has become my eyes and ears on site. I have friends in some of these areas and feel powerless to help them, except to keep them in my thoughts and stay in touch, letting them know they are loved.

In other parts of the world, wars, rebellions and uprisings rule the day.  Again, a powerless feeling engulfs me as I keep abreast of the news. So much pain in the world.  Maybe that's why there's so much pain during childbirth. We hear our mother's cries and it plants an inkling of what's to come. A heads up, so to speak.

I read yesterday that Kim Kardashian got engaged and received a 20.5 carat engagement ring that cost 2 million dollars.  I'm sure the folks in Joplin, MO read that with excitement, too.  And that the folks along the Mississippi River were jumping with joy. I'm not saying the girl shouldn't have reason to be happy, but really People Magazine, did you have to use that as your cover story? Now, with thousands homeless and missing. With people hit hard by the economy and losing their homes, their jobs, their will to live.  Really? Was throwing extreme excess and shallow celebrity status in our faces the order of the day when you sat around a conference table deciding on a lead story?  Shame on you!

Something tells me Anderson Cooper won't be covering Kim's engagement and nuptials. He's a bit busy right now.

Where am I going with this?  I have no idea. It's 5:30 am and I'm rambling about life - my life, the life outside my apartment door, the lives of those plastered on the news.


Lana said...

I hear ya! I like jewelry as much as the next girl, but reading how much that diamond cost made me feel a little queasy.

Mark said...

It's People. Did you actually expect real news from them?

Having said that, I do agree with your basic premise. Celebrity gossip can wait a few weeks with all the much more important things going on in the world.

I'm glad to hear you are doing better. Been thinking a lot about you since I saw your post the other day. If it helps cheer you up at all, know that I am 18 pages into Twice as Dead.

Deborah Sharp said...

Our priorities are pretty screwed up. thanks for the thoughtful post, Sue Ann. Hope next week looks up for you. Know you're LOVED!

Lynne DeVenny said...

I felt uneasy for you when I read your last poem, but I was taught that is a sign of a good poem.

You are so very loved. Here's to brighter days, in the company of those who know what is genuine, and away from those who are easily distracted by shiny stuff. You, sweetie, are the real deal.