Thursday, January 06, 2011

My Name Is Sue Ann and I am an iPhone-aholic.

I confess, I’m starting to worry about being addicted to my iPhone4. I went from an old, barely working Motorola Razor to the iPhone a few months ago. A new phone was definitely on my list of things I needed and intended to buy before the end of the year. In fact, it was right up at the top, along with new bras and a new vacuum. Before making the purchase, I did my research about its features. I talked to friends who had them. Poked at them at the phone store. Even studying the list of its failings didn’t deter me.

Okay, so now I’ve had this thing for about 2 months and have firmly decided that I need a 12-step program. Thing is, I don’t want one.


Is that wrong?

Getting and making calls on it seems to be an afterthought. I read books on the Kindle app. Put my grocery list on the notes app. Watch my calories on a diet app. Monitor my calendar. Take photos and videos. I check the weather, my bank account, Facebook, Twitter, TV listings, play games, look up addresses and maps, surf the web, and even use the timer on the clock feature when I cook. I haven’t even used the iPod feature yet. I do everything on it but write my books.  It has become an appendage. How did I ever live without it before?

At work, so many of us were getting fancy phones, they allowed us to turn in our office-assigned Blackberrys and the office piggy-backed onto our personal phones. So now instead of two devices, I only have to carry one and they subsidize it. Another win. And I’m better connected to the firm when I’m out of the office because I find it easier to use.

Recently my pal Miles and I went to brunch. When we got to the restaurant, it was closed for the holiday week. As soon as one said to the other “where to now?” we each pulled out our iPhones and searched for another place to have brunch. (Miles was much quicker on the draw, but he’s had his longer.)

A lot of the phone companies have released smart phones and they all look to be about the same – indispensable.

Recently, I also upgraded my computer. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do, but I’m sure I’ll find it as intriguing as the iPhone. I’ll start seriously digging into it after my deadline on March 1st.

Looking around, my eyes rest on my 18-year-old TV. Hmmm. It’s looking a bit shabby next to the new electronics in the apartment, don’t ya think?


Mark said...

I would love an iPhone if I could justify the monthly expense. I don't know how I lived without my iPod Touch (same thing except for Phone - I connect to wireless internet so don't have quite the same freedom).

Not sure if it's a good or bad thing, but I will join you in not attending the 12 step program.

Lynne DeVenny said...

I've been dragging my feet on the smart phone purchase - partly because my carrier doesn't offer an iPhone, although the hubby feels the sameway about his HTC Evo as you do about the iPhone.

Now my beloved iPad is another story - if I had an electronic soul mate, the iPad would be it :P

We got a new TV for Christmas - it accesses the Internet and links straight to Netflix. Televisions have come a long way in 18 years!