Thursday, September 09, 2010

America's Got Mega Talent

Last night the 4 finalists for this season's America's Got Talent were announced.  WOW! I would pay to see any one of these four super talents perform. At the beginning of the season, I was Jackie Evancho all the way, but now I don't know which way to vote.  What a happy dilemma to have.

On Tuesday night when the 10 semi-finalists performed, I was sick and sacked out on the sofa. It was a 2-hour show and I barely saw anything past the first hour.  Yesterday I went online and watched the performances I missed, which included all four of the finalists. All 10 of the acts were fantastic. As Piers Morgan kept saying, it was the best semi-finals yet in the program's history.  When the 4 finalists were chosen, they were the same 4 I had on my list.  That's never happened in the time I've been watching the show. But all four were definitely a notch above the other 6, who were also incredible.

Jackie Evancho - what can you say about this charming, extraordinarily gifted girl that hasn't already been said. We'll be listening to her for years and years and years.

Michael Grimm- I want to buy a CD of his songs RIGHT NOW.

Prince Poppycock - I can't wait to sit in a theatre and watch a full stage production by this campy, talented and fun entertainer.

Fighting Gravity - How original and exciting are they?  Boys, whether or not you win AGT, you will ROCK Vegas! Mark my words.

Wild horses, or even a looming deadline, won't keep me from my TV next Tuesday night.

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