Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breaking Out of My Box

I'm over at Inkspot today talking about breaking out of my box.  Please drop by and add your comments.

Friday, September 24, 2010

That Thumb Drive Goes Where???

I am 10 days from my deadline to deliver the 2nd book in my vampire mystery series to my publisher. The book is going very well and is surprising even me with its exciting twists and turns. I never knew vampires could be such fun.

More than once in the past two days I've said to someone that the ending is in my head playing like a movie. All I have to do is get it out through my fingers and onto the page.  The problem is, between now and the finish of the book are thousands of words, big and small, that lay it all out for the reader. With just 10 days left, I don't want to be bothered with all the verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Oh, and let's not forget all those pesky quotation marks in the dialogue.

I just want to cut the last few scenes out of my head and paste them to the page. Cut 'n paste - is that asking too much?

Then how about a thumb drive I can stick into my ear, upload the book's ending, then stick the thumb drive into my computer. Ta Da!  Book finished!

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - Are you listening?  Forget fancy phones and new operating systems, just make me a flash drive that works with my brain.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two Rare Friday Events and One Launch Party - Come Join In The Fun!

This weekend I have lots of fun planned for everyone.

Friday, September 17th, I will be taking off my paralegal hat for the entire day and slipping into my author togs for two lovely events.

The first event begins at 11:30 am. It's a luncheon sponsored by the Friends of the Huntington Beach Library.  The other is an evening event with the Signal Hill Library.

First up is the Friends of the Huntington Beach Library Luncheon which begins at 11:30 am, 711 Talbert Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA.  The cost is $18.  I'm not sure if walk-ins or late reservations are allowed, but if you are interested in attending, call 714-375-8429 for more information.

The Signal Hill Library event is from 7-9 pm and will be held at the Signal Hill Community Center, 1780 E. Hill Street, Signal Hill, CA.  For folks not familiar with Signal Hill, it's a small community next to Long Beach.

And last, but definitely not least, this Saturday, September 18th, 5:00 pm, is the LAUNCH PARTY FOR MURDER IN VEIN!  This should be a great time.

Count Duckula will be there, will you?
And remember, this is the first place that hard cover copies of MURDER IN VEIN will be available.

The festivities, which will include red velvet cake and champagne, start at 5:00 pm at the Mystery Book Store, 1036-C Broxton, Los Angeles, CA (Westwood/UCLA area).  Be one of the first 50 people to arrive and receive a vampire rubber duckie that will also put you in the drawing for another special prize.

Prior to 6 pm, the parking structure next to the book store offers 3 hrs of free parking - a real treat in parking-challenged Westwood.  The small lot across the street is a flat rate of $5 or $6.

Friday, September 10, 2010

No Cabana Boys, But Still Lots Of Fun

While there will be no cabana boys present this weekend, there will be lots of fun things happening in my life.  One is a book event and the other a cultural event. Both are open to the public, and it's not too late for you to plan on attending either.

September 11, 2010 - 2:00-4:00 p.m. - Free 
The Pros and Cons of Self Publishing with Sue Ann Jaffarian, Pamela Samuels Young and Gay Degani
Burbank Library - Buena Vista Library
300 N Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91505-3607
(818) 238-5620

On Sunday, September 12, 2010, I will be attending the following dance production.  All ticket proceeds for Dhoom Dham are going to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

America's Got Mega Talent

Last night the 4 finalists for this season's America's Got Talent were announced.  WOW! I would pay to see any one of these four super talents perform. At the beginning of the season, I was Jackie Evancho all the way, but now I don't know which way to vote.  What a happy dilemma to have.

On Tuesday night when the 10 semi-finalists performed, I was sick and sacked out on the sofa. It was a 2-hour show and I barely saw anything past the first hour.  Yesterday I went online and watched the performances I missed, which included all four of the finalists. All 10 of the acts were fantastic. As Piers Morgan kept saying, it was the best semi-finals yet in the program's history.  When the 4 finalists were chosen, they were the same 4 I had on my list.  That's never happened in the time I've been watching the show. But all four were definitely a notch above the other 6, who were also incredible.

Jackie Evancho - what can you say about this charming, extraordinarily gifted girl that hasn't already been said. We'll be listening to her for years and years and years.

Michael Grimm- I want to buy a CD of his songs RIGHT NOW.

Prince Poppycock - I can't wait to sit in a theatre and watch a full stage production by this campy, talented and fun entertainer.

Fighting Gravity - How original and exciting are they?  Boys, whether or not you win AGT, you will ROCK Vegas! Mark my words.

Wild horses, or even a looming deadline, won't keep me from my TV next Tuesday night.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Million Blogging Vampires? YIKES!

Today I'm a guest blogger over at A Million Blogging Monkeys, the blog owned by my good pal and fellow Midnight Ink author Alan Orloff.  Drop on buy and say hello.  And while you're at it, bookmark this delightful blog site and visit it often in the future.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Oh, Cabana Boy!

I just returned home from one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in a very long time. I’m so relaxed, next to me, Gumby is wound tight.

My BFF Susan and I spent the day at the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona where we enjoyed mineral soaks, steam baths, mud baths and a special moisturizing treatment (my skin feels like a baby's backside). In between, we lallygagged about in our own private cabana. That’s right, a cabana. And it was all ours.

Glen Ivy has these really nifty cabanas for rent for the day. They are located on an upper terrace with a gorgeous view of the surrounding hillside. There are four cabanas in all which look like rooms with the front wall missing. Each is outfitted with various configurations of sofas, chaises, tables and chairs according to its size. They are semi private with each divided from the next by a high wall and greenery. Three of the cabanas are suitable for parties of 10 or more. One is set up for a party of two. That’s the one we rented. Directly in front of our cabana were two cushioned lounges with pillows just for our use. Dividing the lounges from the inside section were three airy curtains that we could pull across the front of our space for more privacy or to block the sun. Beyond our private lounges were more regular chaises and tables and chairs solely for the use of cabana patrons. The terrace also had a private whirlpool.

Our day started by depositing my car in a reserved parking spot, then jumping to the head of the line to be greeted by Ryan, a handsome, young concierge who escorted us up to our cabana and settled us in. Waiting for us was a large tub of ice filled with bottles of water. A few minutes later another young man arrived with a bowl of fresh fruit for our enjoyment. He also left lunch menus and asked if we wanted any thing else. Susan and I both ordered iced teas. In a jiff, two iced teas appeared along with a carafe of more iced tea for refills. Another concierge booked us a slot in the Grotto, which is a special moisturizing treatment, and asked if he could book other services for us. Throughout the day, more iced tea magically appeared. The ice in our water bottle tub was also replenished throughout the day. And the young men stopped by frequently to make sure we had everything we needed. Susan commented several times that she felt like Cleopatra with all the special attention.

Along about noon, one of the young men (there were three serving the cabana area – James, Josh and Ryan) asked if we were ready for lunch. Sounded good to us. We ordered a nacho plate that was big enough to feed us both with leftovers. The last time we went to Glen Ivy we had to order our food at the on site cafĂ©, which is cafeteria style and quite yummy. It wasn’t a problem at all, but I have to admit, it was a lot of fun having the food ordered and delivered to us without lifting a finger. After lunch we read, chatted and took in more soaks. I wanted to live there. At least for another day or so. For the entire day, the service was impeccable.

The cabanas aren’t cheap, and you still have to pay the entry fee into the spa, and for any extra services like massages, pedicures, facials, the Grotto, etc. Although they do provide cabana patrons with a slight discount. Cabanas also have to be reserved in advance.  I have to admit, the cabana rental was worth every penny as a special treat. We decided to do it because we’ve both been under so much stress lately. 

Sigh - Stress? What stress?

Susan summed it up perfectly as the delightful Ryan escorted us from the entry to our cabana:  “A cabana boy?! Well, I can cross that off my bucket list.”

Saturday, September 04, 2010

You're Never Too Old To Play In The Mud

Mud Pool Area at Glen Ivy
This past April my friend Susan and I spent the day relaxing at the Glen Ivy Spa in Corona.  It was so wonderful that we promised ourselves we would do this once a quarter.  Even though it's late into the 3rd quarter of the year, tomorrow we stick to that promise.  We'll be spending the entire day immersed in sun, mineral pools and mud. CAN'T WAIT!

Today I'm writing my heiny off on vampire book #2.  It's going very well.  I was about two weeks ahead of schedule, then work turned very demanding and I had a slight cold/allergy situation and I lost my lead, but it's still on track to be completed by its due date of October 1st - just 27 days away.  Usually around this time before a due date I'm a nut job. I'm not with vampire book #2.  Not sure why. Maybe I've cranked out so many books by now I'm not as crazed by looming deadlines.  Or maybe it's because the book is really humming along smoothly.  It's almost as if it's writing itself.  I wish they all went this well.  And I'm really enjoying it, both the writing and the story.

On Monday it's back to the keyboard and the vampires. Tuesday it's back to the law firm.  But for tomorrow, not a single word will be written, not a single plot line considered, not a single piece of promotion done or thought about.  Tomorrow it's all about R&R and spending time with a dear old friend.