Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pssssst! Do You Hear The Voices, Too?

I'm over at Inkspot today talking about the voices in my head. Drop on by and visit us.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Come On Down to Julian!

Next weekend I will be speaking at the Julian Library.  This is a very exciting and important event for me. You see, Ghost à la Mode, the first Ghost of Granny Apples mystery, takes place in Julian. In fact, Granny herself hails from the small historical town in the mountains north of San Diego.

If you live in Southern California, Julian is a fun place for a relaxing weekend or even a day trip. So why not come on down Saturday, August 21, and visit me at the Julian Library. I'll be on deck at 1:00 pm. And you'll be able to visit all of the sites mentioned in Ghost à la Mode. I might even be talked into giving an impromptu walking tour. Just let me slip on my comfy shoes.

What's more, this will be the very first public outing of MURDER IN VEIN, my new vampire mystery. The library and I have been assured by my publisher that copies of the book will be available for next Saturday's event (sorry - trade paper edition only, hard cover edition isn't out yet).

Ghosts AND vampires - How fun is that gonna be!

For more photos of  Julian, check out my Julian photo album on my Facebook page.

Click on poster to enlarge it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Voice, Little Girl - WOW!

As you all know, I love TV. But of all the shows I watch, my guilty pleasure is America’s Got Talent. Really. I watch it. Every sappy, scary, embarrassing moment.

I wallow in joy watching people following their dream, whatever it may be, just as I follow mine of being a novelist. I don’t watch American Idol at all. I prefer America’s Got Talent. Yes, it’s cheesier and more bizarre in its range of contestants, but it also has more variety in acts and ages. It’s not just about young people trying to be the next big singing sensation. It’s personifies what I believe and preach: That dreams can be pursued at any age and from any circumstance.

Last night was You Tube night. All twelve acts came from video entries on You Tube rather than through the normal audition process. Four of them will move on to the finals with the other traditionally chosen finalists. For these four acts, it’s like finding the Golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar. Of the twelve acts, one stood out – way out – for me: Jackie Evancho.


Jackie Evancho is a ten-year-old opera singer. Yes – 10! And she sounds like a thirty-year-old seasoned Met performer. She has to be heard to be believed. At the end of her performance I was a teary mess. She’s THAT good.

Every season I am blown away by several acts and cheer them on, hoping they make it to the end. I loved all of the finalist last season, but my favorites, Barbara Padilla and Lawrence Beeman, didn’t bring home the prize. Some of my favs for this year are Prince Poppycock, Arc Attack, Murray, and Haspop. There are some great pop signers in the finalist line up, too.

But after last night, I’m Jackie Evancho all the way to the end.

Jackie Evancho isn't a star in the making - she's already a star.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Murder in Vein, the first book in my new Fang-In-Cheek mystery series, is now LIVE on Amazon and BN.com – nearly 4 weeks early! This means it should reach brick and mortar stores in the next few weeks.

Hard Cover Edition Update - Murder In Vein is also coming out in a limited hard cover edition! A first for me and for Midnight Ink! For those of you who would like the hard cover edition, it will be out sometime in September and will cost about $24.95. There will only be 500 printed, and for starters it will only be available through mystery book stores and some other independent book stores, so you may have to order it to make sure you get your copy. Because of the limited amount of copies, we cannot guarantee that hard cover copies will be available at all of my signings.

Signed Copies - If you would like a signed copy of the hard cover edition of Murder In Vein, you might try The Mystery Book Store in Los Angeles. Since they will be hosting the launch of Murder In Vein on September 18th at 5:00 p.m., I am sure they would be happy to take orders for signed copies of the hard cover edition, or signed copies of the trade paper edition.

WOW! What a ride!
For those of you who don’t know the story behind this book, just a short year ago Murder in Vein was just an idea in the back of my brain. Something I hadn’t even discussed with my agent yet. And now look … it’s a book! My initial contracts are for 3 books in this darkly funny mystery series. I am currently half way through book 2 in the series.

A big shout out to my agent, Whitney Lee, who recognized the potential of my different spin on the vampire genre, to Terri Bischoff, who was determined to obtain this series for Midnight Ink, and to Midnight Ink/Llewellyn Worldwide for fast-tracking production.

Shortly after the ink was dry on the contracts, Terri called me and asked if I could deliver the manuscript in two months, instead of the nine months stated in the contract. I nearly had a heart attack. After all, I have a day job! She outlined Llewellyn’s reasons for the change and let me digest it for about 30 seconds. It made sense from a marketing and sales standpoint, but could I do it? Not one to back down from a challenge, I took a deep breath and said YES. In the words of the elegant Tim Gunn, I would just have to “make it work.” And I did, working like a mad woman every minute I wasn’t at my office, giving up holidays, parties and relaxation to get Murder In Vein on the page.

And now it’s an undead book!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Birthers Give Me Heartburn

The news this morning really pissed me off.  I know. I know. I say that a lot.

First, let me count the good stuff happening today, lest I forget:  it's Friday; my new manuscript is going great; Murder In Vein is about to come out; I'm busy at the office; Prop 8 was overturned in CA (big YAY on that!), and I'm eating a donut.

Okay, so what has my rather large granny panties in a bunch?  So glad you asked...

It seems the freaking "Birthers" won't get a life (pun intended). This morning on CNN.com one of the lead stories is about Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, a decorated veteran Army doctor who is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because he feels President Obama has not yet proven he was born in this country, and therefore his orders are illegal

"The truth matters. The Constitution matters," [Lakin] said. "If President Obama is a natural-born citizen, then the American people deserve to see proof, and if he is not, then I believe the orders in this case were illegal."


Let's see... there is a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, certified by that State's Health Director and verified by the Republican governor of Hawaii. And not one, but two, birth announcements from 1961 published in Honolulu newspapers have been dug up.

How much more proof do these lame-asses need?  I have less proof of my birth location, yet no one questions that.

Granted, no one wants to go to Afghanistan, any more than I want people to be shipped there, but to use this tired and bogus birth certificate issue as the reason why he refuses to deploy is unconscionable for an educated leader in our armed forces. This man is not only an officer, but a doctor. Let's face it folks, this shit is nothing more than camouflage for Lt. Lakin's racist views.  And what kind of an example is that to our troops who are serving every day in hell holes around the world.

SHAME ON YOU, LT. LAKIN ... on so many levels.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It's Here! It's Really Here!

Yesterday I received a Fed Ex box from my publisher.  Inside were 4 copies of MURDER IN VEIN, the first book in my new Fang-In-Cheek mystery series.  I ran around the law firm showing everyone, nearly doing back flips in the process.  Abby, one of the attorneys, took a photo with her iPhone. The book will probably be in bookstores and available online for purchase in a few weeks.  It can be preordered now through Amazon or my publisher.  There is also a limited edition hard cover coming out, but I don't have all the details on that yet.

Today over at Inkspot I'm interviewing Terri Bischoff, the acquisitions editor at Midnight Ink, and the one responsible for championing  my vampire mystery series. She was with me every step of the way while the book was fast tracked from an idea to the page and now to print.