Sunday, July 18, 2010

On My Mark, Get Set - GO!

Today I began work on my next deadline which is October 1st – 75 days away.

On deck is book 2 of my vampire mystery series. I already have 130 pages done as I always get a jump start on books several months before I actually throw myself into them full-time. I’m very pleased to report that the story is chugging along according to plan, and I'll tell you this much – it’s going to be a rollicking adventure in the Los Angeles vampire community.

Here is the first paragraph:

The dead body floated face down in the pool like an inflatable joke, something meant to scare people at parties and on Halloween. But to Madison Rose’s eye, it didn’t look like some plastic gag. It looked real. Dead real.

Murder In Vein
, the 1st book in my new Fang-In-Cheek mystery series, will be out in a few weeks. The launch is scheduled for 5 pm on September 18th at the Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles. Everyone is invited!!!

Already several great reviews have come out for Murder In Vein, with the one from Kirkus (see below) making me swoon with delight.

Odelia Gray (Corpse on the Cob, 2010, etc.) and Granny Apples (Ghost à la Mode, 2009) have a new cousin: Madison Rose, a human living in Los Angeles’s twilight world of vampires.

Waitress Madison Rose can hardly believe it. First she’s snatched from outside Auntie Em’s Diner by a thug named Bobby. Just as quickly, Bobby is dispatched by two senior citizens who gnaw him to death. That’s because Doug and Dodie Deadham are vampires who’ve been living in quiet luxury in Topanga Canyon. The Deadhams are dead set on finding out who’s been killing people whose palms are marked with faint red bloodlines (the only humans who can be turned into vampires), in part to protect their secret and in part to protect future vamps. For reasons not clear even to Madison, she agrees to help them. Under the direction of centuries-old Samuel La Croix, head of the California Vampire Council, she lets sexy Colin Reddy squire her to clubs where vamp wannabes test their dentist-implanted fangs on willing young flesh, blissfully unaware that the real item is under their stylish noses. Because when real vampires bite, they don’t play, as posers like Lord Wilhelm and Lady Harriet of Dark Tidings soon find out.

Like Stuart Kaminsky, Jaffarian juggles her franchises deftly, giving each a unique voice and appeal. Her latest series kickoff may be her best yet, blending supernatural sexy with down-to-earth sassy.

So watch me run towards October 1st as fast as my fat, stumpy legs and fingers can carry me. After all, with reviews like this, book 2 in the series has a lot to live up to.

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Shirley said...

Way to go! Love the review. Can't wait to meet Madison Rose.