Saturday, May 22, 2010

Recaps and Moving Forward aka No Rest For the Wicked

I have been physically and mentally on the run all day today.

Today I have:
written one guest blog
started an essay for a mystery journal
ran several errands all over town
cleaned up my photos from my last trip
sorted receipts from last trip
sorted photos from my professional photo shoot last weekend
sent photos from photo shoot to publisher
updated newsletter list
cleaned up my unread e-mail (over 100)

Before I go to bed tonight I must:
update my website
revise essay
organize my trip itinerary for next week
write this blog

In 3 days I leave for NY and Book Expo America. As with my last trip, I am filled with both excitement and dread. Excited because I'll be spending time with my publisher hawking Murder In Vein to the publishing industry. I'm also excited because I'll be catching up with writer friends I haven't seen in a long time, some I've seen recently, and making new friends. The dread comes from having to get on another plane so soon and interrupt my writing schedule, my day job, and my life. I used to like to travel. Not so much these days. Flying is stressful and uncomfortable. I want to simply click my Crocs together and be in NYC on Tuesday. On Thursday, I want to do the same for the return. I have to be back to work at the law firm on Friday, but at least I'll be looking at a long weekend when I return.

The chore that took the longest time today was sorting photos from my recent trip East and organizing the photos taken at the photo shoot last weekend. I've posted them all to my Face Book page (sorry folks not on FB). My new photo albums contain photos from Jim Thorpe, PA, family photos and new head shots. (above photos: left - library in Jim Thorpe; right - Old Jail)
I had a great time on my trip, but it took me a good week to get back in the swing of things, just in time to leave again. The Malice Domestic conference was a lot of fun, as always. The author event in Oakmont, PA was hectic, but well worth it. The folks at Mystery Lovers Book Shop really know how to get things done.

My short time in Jim Thorpe, PA was delightful. I arrived late in the afternoon and was able to get a lot of great photos before the sun went down. I had an Irish beer and fish and chips at the Molly McGuires Pub before retiring to my room at the Inn at Jim Thorpe, which was small but comfortable and furnished with antiques. The next morning, after a fabulous breakfast at the Albright Mansion, I headed up to the Old Jail for a private tour and chat with owner Betty Lou McBride. If you ever get to Jim Thorpe, you must take the Old Jail Tour. It was absolutely fascinating and oh so very creepy!
The weather was fabulous for my drive through Pennsylvania and up into New England. I ran into a few thunderstorms but they cleared up quickly. My time with my family was short but lovely. Since I last visited, my niece Lindsay and her husband Eric have had two darling girls. We also celebrated another great niece's 7th birthday while I was there. I even managed to squeeze in two book signings. They both went well considering the day of the signings it POURED almost nonstop.

Once home, I had my new head shots done. I am very pleased with my new photos. They were taken by the very talented Innis Casey ( My make-up was done by miracle worker Kadi Dugan. If you're in the LA area and need professional head shots done, definitely get in touch with these folks.

But today wasn't all work and no play. I started off the day with a leisurely brunch at Grub, a fun restaurant in Hollywood and favorite place of mine. One of the owners of Grub is Betty Fraser, a former Top Chef contestant. While chowing down on Grub's Oh La La Egg Sandwich, I enjoyed the sunny patio and stuck my nose in a book. That is heaven to me.

Well, the clock is ticking and I still have chores to do before bed. On the agenda tomorrow:
groom B
do laundry and pack for NY
finish essay
clean and vac apt.
go through mail

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