Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally! Time To Put Away the Luggage

I'm back from Book Expo, which means I'm back from New York. I got into my apartment around 1 am Friday morning and was in bed by 1:15 am so that I could get up and head into the office by 9 am. My plane was 2 hrs late getting out of JFK, but they made up a lot of time in flight and it was only 30 minutes late landing. Good work, Delta (esp. after the disastrous flights I had just a few weeks ago).

In a nutshell, I had a short but fabulous time! But it's now Sunday and I'm still bushed from the back-to-back travel.

Getting off the plane at JFK on Tuesday evening, I easily found my way to Manhattan via AirTrain and Subway E. By 6:30 I was having drinks at the hotel with my agent, Whitney Lee. Later I joined the dashing Sebastian Stuart at The Stage Deli where I swooned over a half pastrami sandwich and a bowl of matzoh ball soup. Following dinner, Sebastian and I walked down to Times Square. The place was packed. I checked my watch. It was 11 pm. It was a Tuesday. I repeat, the place was packed. And it was amazing! Hollywood has some pretty wild billboards, especially along Sunset Blvd., but Times Square has LIGHTS, lots and lots and lots of LIGHTS. No wonder people were up and milling about late on a Tuesday. With all the lights, I'm sure they thought it was the middle of the afternoon.

In the morning, I took a shuttle to the Javits Center and BEA. I found my publisher's booth and was bowled over their display. WOW! There I was, dead center. (See above, and that's Sebastian's new book, To The Manor Dead, just to the left of mine, which I am currently reading).

I had two signings on Wednesday, the first was at 11 am at the main autographing area, where I was seated next to my dinner buddy Sebastian. Later, another pal, Alan Orloff, came in to sign. (BTW, I just finished Alan's Diamonds for the Dead and loved it!) A few tables down was Sarah Ferguson, signing her new book. Of course, her line was around the block and she was swamped with press and photographers. But that said, my line was none too shabby itself and I signed bucket loads of Murder In Vein ARCs. People seemed very excited about my new vampire mystery series, which thrilled me and my publisher to no end.

My next signing event was at the Mystery Writers of America booth, where the unflappable Margery Flax and her hubby Steve had things running like a well-oiled machine. There I signed and gave away dozens and dozens and dozens of copies of Ghost a la Mode. When I returned from BEA I was so exhausted I could hardly move. So I did what Odelia Grey would do, I had cheesecake and went to my room for some R&R. (This is an actual photo of my "baby cheesecake.")

Since I didn't have any author duties on Thursday, I ran around NYC playing tourist. My first stop was the World Trade Center site. Even though it looks like any other major construction site, the memory of that morning when the towers fell is still fresh in my mind. From there it was a subway ride to Rockefeller Center and a lovely lunch. After lunch, I walked and walked and walked, drinking in the sights until it was time to grab my bag and head to JFK for my flight home.

As you can see, I had a grand time in New York! But I'm also very excited about something else, the fact that I do not have to pack my bags again until October, when I head to San Francisco and Bouchercon. In fact, I don't even have another book event planned until late August when I'll be heading to Julian for an event at their library.

Not that I'll be lounging around ... Odelia #6 is due just after the 4th of July and vampire book #2 is due October 1st and Granny Apples #3 is due the end of January. Needless to say, while I won't be traveling, my fingers will be flying across the keyboard.


Keith Raffel said...

Sounds great. Only wish I'd been there to watch and kvell.

Alan Orloff said...

Sue Ann, you and Murder In Vein totally rocked the house! Lines and buzz everywhere! And you're right about the Midnight Ink display--very, very nice. As always, it was great seeing you.(Thanks for the shout out, too!)

Next time, we need to have a scandal right before we show up, and our lines will be even longer!

Sebastian Stuart said...

Hi, Sue -- dinner with you was the highlight of my trip to NYC. You are so smart, talented, and generous. I loved seeing your reaction to Times Square, and listening to all your fans gush at your signing the next day. xx your pal -- Sebastian