Friday, April 16, 2010

The Weekend: Just Call Me Sid The Sloth

This weekend I'm doing something I almost NEVER get to do - I'm being a lazy bum. And I'm not gonna feel one bit guilty about it. So there!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'm swinging by Newport Beach to pick up my BFF Susan. Then we're heading to Corona and the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa. Yeeeeeeeeeeee ha!

All day Saturday, I'm going to soak in hot tubs, mineral pools, mud baths, saunas and lay in the sun like the fat and sassy sloth I truly am. According to the weather man, it's going to be in the low 80's. Yes, I'm packing my sun block. I'm also packing two books of writer pals: Smasher by Keith Raffel, which I'm almost done with, and City of Dragons by Kelli Stanley, which I'm dying to crack open. I was going to bring my Alpha Smart and write while at the spa. Talking to Susan last night, I was waffling about it. She made it easy for me. "Don't bring it," she said, trying to be helpful. "You need a break."

Is she a pal, or what?

We're staying overnight in Corona, then on Sunday checking out Tom's Farm and other local places of interest before heading home. By the time I get back to Los Angeles, I should be a rested and sloppy noodle. Not to mention I intend to bake the remainder of the creeping crud out of my body. Yay!

After this weekend, I don't get a break from travel, book events, or even from big looming deadlines at the law firm until June. And I have a book due the beginning of July. So this weekend is very special and needed to recharge my batteries for what's ahead.

Geez, it's gonna be a tough Friday.


L.B. said...

That sounds a lot like our weekend!

My wife and her BFF are going to Glen Ivy on Monday (I've been there once and I loved it! Got me a massage and everything, plus gotta love the women-to-men ratio if you're a guy of course).

And I was thinking of Tom's Farms tomorrow :)

Mark said...

Sounds nice to me, and you deserve it. Enjoy!