Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Still Pinching Myself

Yesterday afternoon I was running a quick Google search for my latest book, Corpse on the Cob, to see if there were any recent online reviews that might have slipped my notice or the notice of my manager. I did find one recent one and made a note of it. As I continued going through the list of usual and expected search results, I spotted something interesting. I clicked on it and it took me to Alley Talk, a site operated by wholesale book distributor Baker and Taylor.


Then I saw it - a copy of the cover for Corpse on the Cob in a line up across the top along with books from some pretty notable and best selling authors. Above my book was the number 9.


Then I scrolled down and read what it meant.

Apparently, yesterday Corpse on the Cob, the fifth book in my Odelia Grey mystery series, was ranked #9 in Baker and Taylor sales for the previous 30 days for mystery fiction. #9 of ALL mystery fiction sold by Baker and Taylor in the past month! Whats more, while it wasn't the only paperback on the list, it was the top ranking paperback. Books 1-8 were all hardback books from large publishers.


The rest of the afternoon's work flew by as I floated on surprise and excitement. At 7:15 pm I was sitting in my car in the parking garage of my office building shaking and crying - for joy.

The #9 spot may be fleeting, but it was an indication that all my hard (and often insane) work was paying off and my dreams were really coming true.

Here's the entire list:

#1: Split Image
#2: The Man from Beijing
#3: Kisser
#4: Aunt Dimity Down Under
#5: Hush
#6: The Puzzle Lady Vs. the Sudoku Lady
#7: Gator A Go Go
#8: False Mermaid
#9: Corpse on the Cob: An Odelia Grey Mystery
#10: Boca Mournings
#11: The Unbearable Lightness of Scones
#12: Butter Safe Than Sorry: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes
#13: The Serpent Pool
#14: Silencer
#15: Vienna Secrets: A Max Liebermann Mystery


Patty said...

Congratulations - and so well deserved. I love Odelia and her madcap stories!

Mother of Mouse said...

I am thrilled that your books were recommended to me. I started all the wrong way around with Booby Trap and you had me in the first sentence (re boobs getting in the way of food!!) as it was a sentence from my life, in fact lots of little things you pop in here and there in your books resonate as I too am plus size.
Keep them coming and now I'm ready to go beyond Odelia and try some of your others...can't wait to the vampire series!