Friday, February 26, 2010

Who Needs Superman When You Have Biblioburro?

Before we moved to California, I attended a small primary school in Massachusetts. We didn't have a school library, we had a bookmobile - a large RV-ish vehicle that travelled to schools to loan books to children. The inside of the bookmobile was lined with shelves packed with children's books for all ages and all reading levels. Our town wasn't that small and did have a library, but I don't recall ever visiting it as a child. All my books came from the bookmobile. It was my first taste of reading for pleasure. Of picking out my own books. It was as good as being allowed to pick out my own candy from the corner Five and Dime (yes, I am that old).

In rural Columbia they don't have bookmobiles. But they do have the Biblioburro.

I kid you not.

This morning as I was cruising through, I came across the story of Luis Soriano, a primary school teacher in Columbia concerned about illiteracy in the rural parts of his country. So what did this enterprising man do? He threw books on the backs of donkeys and created the Biblioburro. Each week he leaves his own family and travels for hours over rough terrain to visit and teach children in poor villages

This story made my day.

Senor Soriano, you are a true hero.


Diana said...

Very heartwarming (and I remember the bookmobile also).

Lindsey said...

Oh, that is SOOOOO amazing! BiblioBurro!! What a great service he is providing. (Plus the kids get to pet the burro!!!)

Lindsey Petersen

Jairus said...