Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Book Left Behind

Last Saturday was the launch party for Corpse on the Cob, book #5 in the Odelia Grey mystery series. It was a lot of fun with about 30-35 lively people in attendance. And, as always, the folks at The Mystery Book Store rocked! Lots of books were sold, lots of pie eaten, lots of wine imbibed.

During the launch I talked about Corpse on the Cob, Ghost in a Polka Dot Bikini (coming Feb. 2011) and Murder in Vein (coming Sept. 2010), and even gave folks a look into Odelia #6 (coming June 2011). One of the questions I received during the Q&A was whether or not, now that I have so many books in the works and in various stages of completion, Corpse on the Cob is old news to me even though it's just now being released. After all, I wrote Corpse on the Cob over a year ago. Since then I have written two other books and started on Odelia #6.

Truth is, January 2009, when I turned in Corpse on the Cob to my publisher, does seem like a lifetime ago. In February 2009, at the launch party for Booby Trap, I was so excited to tell folks about my upcoming new Ghost of Granny Apples series and about the next Odelia, Corpse on the Cob. At that time, Murder In Vein, or even the idea for a vampire mystery series, wasn't even on my radar, let alone something I was talking about.

WOW, what a difference a year makes!

Hell, what a difference five months makes!

In September 2009, at the launch of Ghost a la Mode, I remember taking my agent aside and telling her I had an idea for a vampire mystery series. She said to send her some sample chapters. Since then I've struck a 3-book deal for the series and completed the first book. I've even started the 2nd book.

Thinking about this makes that question about Corpse on the Cob seeming like old news to me hit home.

Sometimes I feel like Odelia is being pushed aside to make room for the new kids on the block. I hope she doesn't think I'm replacing her with shiny new toys. It's just that new babies need more attention. Even if her nose is bent a bit out of shape, I'm sure she'll understand once she thinks about it. In the end Odelia will benefit, too. Of course, I may have to bribe her with Thin Mints or a carton of Ben and Jerry's.

I've just finished 25% of the new Odelia Grey book. This will be book 6 in the series. The working title is Body Bingo. From the ease with which this book is flowing, I don't think Odelia is holding a grudge.

We're pals to the end.


Diana said...

Awe - that is such a sweet sentiment, "Pals til the end". Although, if I were a first time reader of your blog, I might think you were schizo... ;-)

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Who says I'm not...