Saturday, February 13, 2010

Natural Born Liars - My Answers

Here are the answers to my Natural Born Liars Quiz. There were 2 true statements. Thanks for playing!

I won money on a TV game show. - Yes. $4,000 about 15 years ago on a show on a minor network.

My mother was a NYC Rockette. - I'm sure my mom is rolling in her grave laughing at this one. She, btw, LOVED the Rocketts.

One of my cats had a sex change. - Not a chance, though my male cat is rather fastidious.

I was once married to a man I met on a cruise ship. - Dallied with, yes, married, NO.

I threw up in front of Bob Barker. - No, but I met him years ago.

Jack Nicholson once tried to pick me up. - Yes. About 35 years ago, Nicholson tried to pick up me and two girlfriends as we were walking from a theatre in Hollywood to our car. He was hanging out of his car calling to us, "Hey, girls, want to go to a party?" We voted 2 against 1 not to accept his invitation. I was a nay vote. Ask me now, Jack.

I'm related to Michelle Obama. - Only in spirit.

I've been arrested twice. - Not even once, though I'm sure there have been reasons over the years.


Beth Groundwater said...

You and Jack, now that's quite an interesting combination. So, what did you do on the game show to win $4k??

Rosalee Deveraux said...

Lots of fun, Sue Ann! I should have guessed Jack Nicholson, given his rep.
And you'll see I gave you proper credit (?) for nominating ASK MAMA blog for the same creative ''writer'' award:
Cheers, Happy Valentine's Day.

Keith Raffel said...

I would think 35 years ago you were way too young for that kind of party.