Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 - There Will Be No Rematch!

Thank Gawd 2009 is over! Last night I fell asleep before midnight (thanks to quite a bit of champagne and a good meal), but had I not, I would have raised my glass in a final salute to 2009 and said:

Don’t let the door hit you on your ass on the way out!

For me, 2009 was a mixture of hard work, accomplishment and progress, but it was also a year of intense anxiety and emotional turmoil. It was a year that brought me to my knees.

“Sylvia Plath Day” has become my code word for days when I think I simply cannot go on. When life and circumstances have beaten me so far down, I just want to stay in bed until my cats start feeding off of me. Those are the days I want to give up – on everything. I had more than a few “Sylvia Plath Days” in 2009. But I always bounced back, exhausted and drained, ready to move forward.

2009 was a lot like the last fight scene in Rocky. You know the one. Apollo Creed has beaten Rocky to a pulp, even knocked him down, but bloody and half blind, Rocky struggles to his feet, grunts, and signals to Creed to bring it on. In the end, Rocky went the distance. And so did I.

In hindsight, 2009 was a major turning point for me. Maybe that’s why it was such a difficult year. With birth, there is always pain. Here’s a recap of a few highlights, the low lights will not be rehashed:

My writing career took hold after years of struggle. I completed two novels, launched a new series and signed contracts for a third series. My books are selling respectably and my readership is growing. (THANKS EVERYONE!) I signed a TV option on the Odelia Grey series and my books are starting to garner interest in the foreign market.

I set out to do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run and I did it, proving to everyone, and especially to myself, that I can do just about anything I set my mind to. In the process, I got in the best shape physically that I’d been in for years. There will be no Mud Run rematch in 2010. Unfortunately, my heavy writing schedule this year prohibits it, but I’m committed to keeping the ball moving on increasing my physical well being.

At the law firm, there were some anxious moments when they had layoffs, but my job is steady and seems secure. I am very fortunate in that outside of my writing I have another career that I love and work with people I enjoy. It’s one of the reasons I can produce books so quickly.

Today is January 1, 2010 and I’m laughing in your face 2009! I went the distance and there will be no rematch.

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Alan Orloff said...

Way to go, Champ! (Hey, wait a minute, didn't Rocky have half a dozen sequels?)

Happy New Year! Hope you have a great 2010!