Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Day Job Makes Me Proud

By now, there is probably not a person on the planet who has not heard about the horrific devastation in Haiti caused by an earthquake last week. The sheer magnitude of the suffering brings most of us to our knees with sinking helplessness. What can we do? How best to do it? Will it be enough?

At the law firm where I work, one of the associates started gathering up co-workers interested in donating together to an agreed upon specific charity. She then went to the partners, along with others, and asked if the firm would match our donations. The answer was a speedy yes. The charity: Doctors Without Borders. The list of donors is growing.

The firm is very charity conscious. Every year we walk as a group for the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. Christmas 2009, the firm donated money to a food bank in the names of its employees. And when the firm celebrated its 25th anniversary, each of the three offices was tasked with doing group charity work in celebration, in addition to the staff being given special monetary thanks. We are each encouraged to do what we can.

The firm was hit like most others during the recent economic crisis. We had a few layoffs, our salaries were frozen, and we've had to tighten our belts, but the spirit of giving to those less fortunate was never extinguished.

I don't know if it's the fact that the firm where I'm employed as a paralegal specializes in health care law, or if it's the mindset of the managing partners. I believe it's a combination of the two, with heavy leaning towards management and management style. They are good people who show concern for their employees and the world around them.

And they're attorneys! Kind of takes the venom out of some of those snarky lawyer jokes, doesn't it?

I have worked at a lot of law firms and corporate legal departments during my 37 years in the legal field, but none have made me feel so much of a team or so proud.

Great Job HLB!


Samantha said...

Hi there,

It's so great to read how others are helping those in Haiti! Your firm is definitely to be commended.

While I'm on the subject of helping others... my mother, Lori, emailed you about donations of books for her hospice lending library. I understand that you're an extremely busy lady, but I was wondering if you could possibly let us know if this would be convenient for you.

Thanks so much,

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Samantha, I responded to your mother immediately about that and promised several of my books for the hospice. I haven't sent them yet because I'm rounding up others to send with them besides my own. The more the merrier, right?

Diana said...

Awe, I'm proud of you and the legal eagles at HLB. I have also done what I can, donating to both the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders (thanks to AH Ream who broght DWB to my attention). I admire the wonderful work both orgs do!!!
Keep up the great work, Sue Ann.